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“I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your service and contact, I've found Allen Associates to be the best, most professional and friendly recruitment agents I've dealt with.” Susan Dougherty

Candidate Testimonial - April 2017
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Allen Associates S.T.A.R of the month – for Superior, Talented and Reliable temporary staff

Here at Allen Associates we pride ourselves on recruiting and representing the best temporary candidates in Oxfordshire. Whether it be a two day assignment covering Reception, or six months working in an HR department, our temporary support staff are constantly exceeding expectations.

In recognition of this continued loyalty, we have decided to award one candidate per month the title of Allen Associates STAR. Working together with our partners at Clearwater Hampers and Benugo (the people behind the Ashmolean Dining Room), we will award £100 of vouchers to the winner, as a small token of our appreciation. 

Each month we’ll post details of the Star of the Month on our website, along with a brief synopsis of their time with us. Identifying only one recipient each month won’t be easy, but by staying in close touch with our clients, we’ll use their feedback in connection with our own impressions to choose the stand out performer.

Finally, an enormous thank you to all our temporary staff who work so hard to supply the best possible support on a daily basis – we value you all immensely!
Beatrice Shelley - STAR of the Month December 2014

Bea has proven herself to be an absolute lifesaver ever since she registered a few months ago.
She has already temped in six different assignments, for clients across Oxfordshire, working in a wide range of sectors.

Wherever we send her, she always radiates positivity and clients have commended her for her total dedication and unflappable nature.

For her willingness to get stuck in with whatever we throw at her (even when we send her across the county at 9am on a Monday morning!) and her genuine, sensible approach to everything she sets her hand to, we are so happy to award Bea our Christmas temp of the month!
Ashleigh Watts - STAR of the Month November 2014

Friendly, genuine and sweet natured, it was a pleasure to register Ashleigh on the temporary division two years ago. Since then she has taken on five very different assignments through us, and has proven herself to be the epitome of an Allen Associates STAR.

One of the hardest working temps on our books, Ashleigh has managed to juggle her commitments at work with studying for her degree; you’d never know it though, as she has conducted herself with absolute professionalism throughout.

For her industrious and utterly reliable approach to temporary work, we are delighted to award Ashleigh our temp of the month for November!
Bryn Harris – STAR of the Month October 2014

Interesting, genuine and bright, we were extremely impressed by Bryn following his registration interview. I think my colleague spent the whole hour laughing, and his fantastic sense of humour has kept us entertained ever since!

Dedicated, reliable and committed, Bryn constantly proves himself an asset at work – his colleagues have described him as indispensable and we only ever hear glowing praise in regards to his work ethic.

We can’t say enough positive things about Bryn, so it only made sense to award him our temp of the month award for October.
Petar Mitrovic – STAR of the Month September 2014

Petar came across fantastically during his registration interview, and we knew our clients would feel the same. Four days later, he attended his first interview and was immediately snapped up. Since then, we have only heard positive feedback about his commitment and quietly confident approach to work. Ambitious and utterly trustworthy, he is regularly first in the office and always stays until the job is done.

We are certain his personable and dynamic outlook will ensure he goes far in life, and are thrilled to award him our STAR of the month for September!
Elena Mikhaleva - STAR of the Month August 2014

Warm, polite and a consummate professional, Elena has proved nothing short of perfect for the past few months!

Tenacious, dedicated and hardworking, Elena is continually looking for opportunities to provide further support in her assignment and her diligence is regularly commended by our client.

She has again and again gone the extra mile in her assignment and for her punctuality, commitment and her fantastic sense of humour, Elena has been awarded our star of the month for August!
Cristiane Galli - STAR of the Month July 2014

Cristiane registered with us 6 months ago and within a week was placed in her first temporary role. We were so impressed with her warm, friendly and gregarious personality and her ability to make such a fantastic first impression.

Cris consistently rises to every challenge, and continually confirms her commitment to her current assignment. For her exceptional hard work and diligence, we are so pleased to award Cris our STAR of the month for July.

Megan Davies - STAR of the Month June 2014

Warm and genuine, Megan quickly became part of the family in her current assignment. 7 months later, she is still adding value! Having temped for us on several occasions before this, feedback for Megan has invariably been exceptional, with her positivity and impossibly calm approach often being commended.   

Every time we talk to Megan she is cheerful and funny – we can’t imagine not speaking to her on a weekly basis. For her modesty and ability to make everyone in the office laugh, Megan is our STAR of the month for June!
Sue Staddon - STAR of the Month May 2014

When we first met with Sue, we knew she had fantastic potential. Within two days, we’d placed her in a long term booking, where she’s continued to flourish ever since.

Sue has continually impressed us with her calm and friendly manner, and we’re certain she is one of the most hardworking people in Oxfordshire! With a wonderful sense of humour and the ability to adapt under pressure, her current employer has described her as a pivotal member of the team.

Three years on, Susan is still one of the most outstanding temporary candidates we’ve met and in recognition of this, we are delighted to award her STAR of the month.
Sonia Power - STAR of the Month April 2014

We have known Sonia for several years now, and she has constantly proven herself to be a trustworthy, and exceptionally reliable temporary candidate. 

Not only does she continually impress us here at Allen Associates with her positivity and warmth, but our client has often described her as ‘a joy to have’ and ‘a godsend’.

We are so grateful to Sonia for all her hard work to date; she is a true ambassador for Allen Associates. In recognition of this, we are delighted to award her our first STAR of the month.