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World’s leading T cell receptor (TCR) company


Immunocore is the world’s leading T cell receptor (TCR) company developing biological drugs to treat cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, through its pioneering soluble TCR technology platform. The scientific expertise at Immunocore spans the entire process of drug development. From the discovery and validation of suitable disease targets, through to the design and engineering of immune-activating TCR-based reagents, and preclinical and clinical assessment.

The Employer’s perspective

Ben Howells, Recruitment Manager at Immunocore

The Brief:

Immunocore is a privately funded biotechnology company. We work in a cutting-edge area of biotech science on Immuno-Oncology and infectious disease. We’ve been running for around 15 years and have 465 employees with around 35 of those based in the US.

The Approach:

When we were looking for someone to fill the role, technical competencies were vital. First and foremost, we were looking for someone who could actually do the job. As a contractor, a cultural fit is a secondary concern. For the initial strategy, we first and foremost went to Allen Associates - we use them exclusively. They’re local and we have a great relationship.

The Outcomes:

Christina is still here and is doing incredibly well. This is in no small way down to a clear and exhaustive brief followed by Allen Associates. It’s also a testament to our strong relationship with them. They know us and they know who we like, so we knew Christina would succeed when we hired her. She’s done exceptionally well due to her skills in collaboration, openness, honesty and sensitivity. Christina has just the right experience to succeed.

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We have been successfully connecting the right people with the right businesses for over 20 years and are excited to open a brand-new office in the heart of Chiswick, London.

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