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Finding your recruitment style to attract the right Candidates

Employment rates have never been higher, and competition is certainly ‘hotting’ up in the hiring market. Attraction strategies have never been more important to improve your accessibility to the top-tier Candidates.

However, were you aware that your recruitment style could be putting off Candidates? A lack of consistency in messaging, and company culture are a sure-fire way to fade into the background in a landscape where businesses must prove their worth to gain the attention of top performers.

Don’t panic, your recruitment style doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all – in fact, our latest guide delves into how you can find your niche and personalise it effectively for each job role. Whether you’re looking to attract Gen Z talent or the illusive Millennial; senior workers or high-level managers – your recruitment style is what’s really going to set you apart from the competition.

This month’s guide explores this thoroughly. We would love to hear your feedback and support you further, so do get in touch with us.

The guide on ‘Finding your recruitment style to attract the right Candidates’ is free to download, read and share: FREE DOWNLOAD

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Over the last 20 years, we have grown as a business to become one of the leading independent recruitment agencies in Oxfordshire, and in 2018 have opened our first London office, to service Clients in the capital.  

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Kate Allen

Kate Allen

Kate founded Allen Associates in 1998 out of a determination to build a recruitment business which delivered a bespoke service centred on the needs of clients and candidates.

Turn down the volume

At Allen Associates we understand it’s about quality not volume. We get to know you and your business properly so when we send you a candidate they’ll be the best possible fit.

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