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How to make the most of your Temporary placement

In our 20 year history amongst all of the things we have learned is that Temporary workers can be the backbone of an organisation.

Whatever the situation in which a company has recruited one such person – maternity cover, assisting with projects, sickness – Temporary workers are often the ones that fill those essential roles. Pulling together to make a team even stronger, and more successful. We have worked with some fantastic people over the years, and we know how valuable they are to our Clients, and to us as well.

Temporary work can be fast paced and is invariably varied and challenging.  It definitely takes a certain type of person to be able to cope with shifting priorities and the need for flexibility at all times.

So, as that person, how exactly do you make the most of your Temporary placement?

In this free, downloadable Guide, we explore just that. From networking and building relationships with your colleagues whatever the length of your placement, to how to make sure you’re performing at your best during the time with an organisation, we’ve got you covered.

The Guide on how to make the most of your Temporary placement is free to download, read and share.

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Over the last 20 years, we have grown as a business to become one of the leading independent recruitment agencies in Oxfordshire, and in 2018 have opened our first London office, to service Clients in the capital.  

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Kate Allen

Kate Allen

Kate founded Allen Associates in 1998 out of a determination to build a recruitment business which delivered a bespoke service centred on the needs of clients and candidates.

Turn down the volume

At Allen Associates we understand it’s about quality not volume. We get to know you and your business properly so when we send you a candidate they’ll be the best possible fit.

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