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How to boost staff retention with sound onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most powerful tools that you, as a business leader, have in your box.

Onboarding is one of the most powerful tools that you, as a business leader, have in your box. Not only is this the time to train, develop and welcome a new member to the team. But your actions in this crucial time frame could mean the difference between a short and long-term Employee.

That’s correct, you have the power to control retention and this helpful guide will walk you through each point of onboarding. From attracting the right candidate, all the way to appraisal processes. Some of these little tips and tricks could be your saving grace during a skills shortage, enabling you to hold onto those truly great Employees.

We have been operational for 20 years, and so we know what makes Candidates happy in their role. With this Guide and others, we aim to help you to improve your business strategy in order to make the most out of your team and ensure business success all around.

The Guide on how to boost staff retention with sound onboarding is free to download, read and share

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Over the last 20 years, we have grown as a business to become one of the leading independent recruitment agencies in Oxfordshire, and in 2018 have opened our first London office, to service Clients in the capital.  

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Kate Allen

Kate Allen

Kate founded Allen Associates in 1998 out of a determination to build a recruitment business which delivered a bespoke service centred on the needs of clients and candidates.

Our experts can help...

Our experts can help...

Recruitment is a people business. Our success in finding the right people for the right roles is dependent on our own ability to recruit and retain the best people to join our business too.

London's Calling...

We have been successfully connecting the right people with the right businesses for over 20 years and are excited to open a brand-new office in the heart of Chiswick, London.

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