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Temporary Workers' Week

Allen Associates’ Temporary Workers' Week, which runs from 16-20 October, celebrates the significant contribution which Temps make to the businesses they work for, as well as the wider economy.

Temporary Workers' Week 2017

The Allen Associates Temporary Workers' Week (16th-20th October) celebrates the important contribution Temps make to the businesses they work for as well as the wider economy.

According to the recruitment industry body, the REC, demand for Temporary Workers is higher than ever with increasing numbers of businesses looking to Temps to support their growth or cover extended periods of absence.

Kate Allen, Managing Director at Allen Associates, said:

Kate Allen, Managing Director at Allen Associates, said:

“We are delighted to highlight the hard work and commitment of our Temping community through our Temporary Workers Week, which we are running for the third year. The Temps market in Oxfordshire is stronger than ever and we feel it is important to highlight the significant role Temporary Workers play at all levels, whether it’s providing administrative support, covering holiday or maternity leave, or managing a project.

“Businesses of all sizes are relying on Temporary Workers more than ever and yet Temps are often the unsung heroes of the workforce. We hope our annual Temporary Workers Week will throw the spotlight on the great work they do, encourage more people to consider Temping and give businesses a small insight into what Temps have to offer.”

Look out for a wide range of activities planned for Temporary Workers' Week including a special pullout in The Oxford Times and the crowning of our Star Temp of the Year.

STAR Temporary Worker of the Year: The Interviews

Each year, Allen Associates invites Employers to nominate the person they feel deserves to be recognised as the Temporary Worker of the Year. This year, that accolade went to Kirsty Jackson, who was nominated by Niamh McEntee, Departmental Administrator, University of Oxford - Department of Zoology.

Niamh commented:

“Kirsty joined us at a time of significant change within the organisation. This created the need for additional support to help manage the many essential projects that needed to be undertaken, whether managing my diary or assuming the many responsibilities of an office manager.

“While finding someone on a permanent basis was certainly an option, the somewhat lengthy recruitment process that would involve simply didn’t fit with the immediate need we had. 

"Turning to a Temporary Worker meant that we could secure the services of someone with the right skills and ability who could start quickly and hit the ground running. In doing so, more time is made available to focus on other organisational priorities."

On her role at the University of Oxford Kirsty has said:

“I have been working at the University of Oxford's Department of Zoology for a few months now. It's an inspiring place, where I can interact with professors, students and wonderful professionals who are passionate about their work.

“It's been a pleasure to work with Allen Associates’ Consultants and their Clients. Their team is both highly professional and attentive and they have really understood what I wanted and needed in each role I have worked."

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