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Lead Consultant – Finance

Sophie Kidd

Hello, I'm Sophie and I work in the permanent team in Oxford helping to fill vacancies at all levels within PA and Administration, HR, Marketing and Finance.

Sophie Kidd
Have you always worked in recruitment?

The majority of my background is in recruitment and I ran my own agency for a few years. I then took some time out and set up a dog walking business. Before that, I worked in Perth, Australia.

What attracted you to Allen Associates?

Their passion for putting people first, their supportive environment and how they are open to new ideas and modernising their processes. Plus their honest and nurturing tendencies towards staff, clients and candidates. They invest in people and work hard to ensure everyone is happy. It's an open environment where everyone can be themselves.

What are your key skills?

I have always been organised and like to stay ahead of the game. I always try to see the positives in everything. I’m good at building and maintaining relationships and with this comes strong communication. I bring personality and honesty to my role and try to build trust and rapport with clients and candidates.

Tell us something about yourself.

A few years ago, I set myself a challenge to take up a new hobby each year. These have included touch rugby and clay pigeon shooting.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I love my food! I’m a sucker for a traditional English breakfast or a weekend takeaway. But I also love to go out for dinner and try new restaurants when I can. I also love playing board games on a rainy day.

Would you recommend recruitment as a career?

Definitely! It’s a great career choice if you like a rewarding position and being consistently engaged with clients and candidates. I would advise anyone who wants to go into recruitment to trust your gut, be resilient and not take any downfalls personally!

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