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How you can use Artificial Intelligence to find top talent for your business?

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

Whether you are for or against it, AI is creating a buzz in every industry, so how can you utilise it to help secure top talent for your business?

Some fear that AI is going to dehumanise the way we all work and cause higher unemployment rates as it takes over from actual intelligence. However the opposite appears to be true; recruiters, ourselves included, are busier than ever and recent research suggests that talent shortage is still a big issue facing many Employers.

Advocates of AI are championing the job creation opportunities that are currently emerging from the tech industry.  Whichever sector you work in, AI is already having an impact on the way we all live and work. From maths homework apps for six-year olds, to Alexa assisted board meetings AI is here to stay all set to assist us all with a wide range of workplace conundrums.

Enlisting AI to do the forensic groundwork frees up Employers and recruiters to focus on their talent A-lists. Here are our top tips on how AI can work for you in 2019.

Screening & Shortlisting

Utilising AI for screening, sourcing and shortlisting gives Employers more time to invest in the interview process. Screening is a time-consuming process, with many roles receiving 180+ applications, how can you be sure you are selecting the most appropriate Candidates for your shortlist?

Chatbots are a great way of enhancing the initial engagement process with Candidates.  Offering positive engagement for potential Employees by answering simple questions about your business or employment processes.

CV review software can also help save Employers time, there is a plethora of bespoke on-and-off-the-shelf programmes now available to Employers and recruiters alike. These enable recruiters to review a larger and more diverse pool of suitable Candidates, helping to remove unconscious bias as variables such as name, age and gender are eliminated from the whole process.

A PL’AI’ On Words

How you present your available roles will determine the quality of the talent you attract to the job. AI can help here too; editorial programmes can review job briefs to ensure Employers are presenting roles as effectively as possible. These programmes help to remove unconscious bias from your copywriting and ensure the correct terminology and keywords are used to attract the best available talent.

Video & Virtual Interviews

AI is already helping Employers to overcome the challenge of an increasingly globalised workforce. Video interviews are a great way to meet with prospective Candidates who may be living abroad or are unable to visit your office for other reasons. Interviewing in this way also offers the opportunity for Employers to see first-hand the quality of Candidates communication skills and gain an understanding of how they react to situational questions.

Virtual reality is helping here too, Candidates can experience first-hand what it will be like to work with you. Employers can also use VR to set challenging or sector-specific interview tasks for Candidates to complete, in a more realistic working environment without actually needing to be there! What a fantastic and engaging way to show potential Employees how progressive and hi-tech your business is.

Predictive Analytics

Imagine knowing how prospective Candidates will perform when they become your Employees? This is where predictive analytics can help. Employers can use historical data and analysis to predict how individuals may react or respond to certain situations and scenarios. These predictions can then be used to help support recruitment decisions.

All companies are aiming to increase their productivity and generate better results moving forward. AI enables Employers and recruiters to do this while also helping to eliminate bias, increase efficiency in the recruitment process and enhance the Candidate experience. Employers should embrace AI in their Recruitment strategies and see it as an exciting extension of their business offering for Employees and customers alike.

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