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ZSL London Zoo

International scientific, conservation and educational charity

ZSL (Zoological Society of London) is an international conservation charity working to create a world where wildlife thrives. From investigating the health threats facing animals to helping people and wildlife live alongside each other, ZSL is committed to bringing wildlife back from the brink of extinction.

ZSL London Zoo
Case Study

The Employer’s perspective
Aaron Thomas, Recruitment Manager

The Brief

Following a restructure of the fundraising team, we had a member of the team take a secondment elsewhere within the organisation. This created an opportunity for a new person to come onboard. Rather than hire someone on a like-for like basis, we modified the remit of the person we needed in line with the requirements of the newly restructure team.

The Approach

Good fundraisers are hard to find and when they present themselves, the recruitment experience needs to be just right and speed needs to be of the essence – great talent won’t hang around too long. The other challenge is having the right support to enable us to find and attract that talent in the first place.

The Outcomes

The only way to guarantee getting the right person for the right role is by being absolutely clear on the skills and experiences ideally sought, as well as the personality fit of the individual too. This is often easier said than done, which is why it is important to work with partners that ‘get’ this and more important, have the means and wherewithal to deliver.

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