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Client Services Executive

Talking Talent

Talking Talent is an innovative coaching consultancy at the forefront of developing and maximising the female talent pipeline. With its head office in Wallingford, Talking Talent employs a network of dedicated and experienced coaches who help businesses around the world to retain and progress their most talented women while delivering considerable commercial benefits.

The client's perspective 
Anna Jenkins, Global Head of Client Services, Talking Talent

“Allen Associates makes the recruitment process easy. They are proactive and keen to understand the detail and what success looks like before they go all out to deliver it.” 

The brief:
When it comes to recruitment, we have a very specific set of requirements. We like our staff to be proactive, positive and enthusiastic as well as resilient and hard working. We rely heavily on the integrity of our recruitment partners to identify candidates that are not only equipped to do the job but crucially, have the softer skills and personal attributes which are integral to who we are as a business.

The approach:
Allen Associates took a consultative approach, persuading me to consider candidates who didn’t necessarily look that good on paper but who they felt had the right characteristics and would fit well with our team. 

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