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Useful FAQs

If you have any questions, we may already have the answers. Please take a look at our FAQs and if you need any further assistance, please give us a call or drop us a line and we will get back to you promptly.

Questions from Employers?

How do you source Candidates?

Database search - Using your employment criteria, we conduct a detailed Candidate search using our advanced database software.  All results are then assessed by a Consultant who is an expert in their field. The short-list they produce can be available within hours of us receiving your brief, giving you a dynamic and responsive service. All the Candidates registered on our database have been pre-qualified.

Advertising - Online job boards, social media and website advertising are the best ways of attracting Candidates with specialist skills or specific experience. We deal with all aspects of the campaign, from identifying the right advertising channels to copywriting and placing the advert. We screen all the responses we receive and present you with a short-list of Candidates matching your criteria.

Do you offer psychometric testing?

Yes, we work closely with two experienced chartered psychologists in Oxfordshire to provide psychometric testing to our Clients for selection and career development purposes. This is an effective way of reducing risk and increasing the likelihood of hiring the ideal Candidate for your business.

But psychometric testing isn’t just for Employers who are hiring, it is also used to great effect by those looking to better understand or improve team dynamics or identify individual ambitions or aspirations. Find out more.

Are all your Consultants experienced in their field?

Yes, the Consultants in each of our Recruitment Divisions have significant experience of the sector in which they are operating. This gives them context and an added insight into your requirements; they alsounderstand the industry jargon! See our Recruitment Divisions for more information.


What happens if we appoint a Candidate who turns out to be unsuitable?

We are so confident that our Consultants can accurately satisfy your Recruitment requirements that, on the very rare occasions when, during the first twelve weeks, our Candidate does not prove suitable, we will refund your fee in full subject to some basic provisos.

Can you provide Temporary staff as well as Permanent staff?

Yes, we provide Temporary staff for HR, PA/Administration, Marketing and Sales and Finance roles at all levels. To find out more, please contact us here or email

What type of organisations do you work with?

Since our launch in 1998, we have worked for most of the major Employers in Oxfordshire as well as many smaller, growing businesses and across a very wide range of sectors. Since opening our London branch in 2018, we have followed suit and worked with a variety of businesses.

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If you are looking to recruit and would like more information about our services, please contact us here.

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