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What to do if a new hire struggles to fit in

Finding the right Candidate is never easy. You have searched through the CVs and cover letters, thrown in some curveball questions for the interviews, and decided upon the perfect addition to your team.

Weeks go past, your new Employee starts, and all seems to be going swimmingly.

The trouble is, you hear a short time later, or see for yourself, that something’s not right. Your new Employee just isn’t fitting in to your organisation. What do you do now?

There are a number of reasons this issue might arise. It could be that your onboarding process itself isn’t quite as effective as it could be. Maybe there is a lack of communication between the Employee’s line manager and the individual, resulting in a mis-management of expectations. Or perhaps they simply don’t get along with their co-workers. It might even be the case that your company culture needs a bit of tweaking.  

The trick is to set a plan in place, and take some practical steps, to solve the problem and ensure smooth sailing for your new Employee – and indeed the rest of the team.

We all know how it feels to start a new job. No matter how experienced you are, the ‘newbie’ feeling never quite goes away, regardless of how well you hide it. Put yourself in the new Employee’s shoes. If you were them, you would want someone in your corner as a support. Someone to make sure that you’re not left behind.

Whatever your situation, our Guide is intended to provide some advice, and be a series of practical steps you can take to make sure new hires settle in. You might not have thought of some of them, but they could be just what you need.

The Guide on what to do if a new hire struggles to fit in is free to download, read and share: FREE DOWNLOAD

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Kate Allen

Kate Allen

Kate founded Allen Associates in 1998 out of a determination to build a recruitment business which delivered a bespoke service centred on the needs of clients and candidates.

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