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FAQs for temps

If you are new to temping, considering your next temping role or are already registered with us, you're bound to have questions.


Please browse our temp-related FAQs and contact us if you need any further assistance. You might also like to look at our FAQs for jobseekers for more general recruitment information and guidance.

Do you need to meet me in person?

Yes! We conduct a video interview with every candidate we register. We realise this is unusual as most agencies don’t require a face-to-face consultation to refer you for vacancies, but here at Allen Associates we believe it's important. The interview helps us to get to know you, understand your skills and experience, your aspirations and what you are looking to get out of temping. This helps us to help you land your ideal temping role – and in many cases, we find that the match is so good that our temp placements lead to permanent job offers.

What documents will I need to provide?

As required by law, you will need to provide documentation that confirms your right to work in the UK before we can register you as a temp. You will also need to provide two suitable referees for us to contact when an offer is made.

What makes a good temporary candidate?

If you accept a temporary assignment through us, you will effectively be working as an Allen Associates ambassador. Your commitment is vital.

During the booking process, we will be looking for:

  • Reliability! Punctuality and excellent attendance are fundamental to the success of any temporary role. Employers trust us to provide them with reliable temporary staff that will meet the same stringent standards that they set for their own permanent employees
  • A flexible approach and a willingness to use your own initiative
  • Speed and accuracy of work
  • A friendly personality and professional approach
How long are your temporary assignments?

Our temp assignments tend to be longer term rather than the odd day here and there. Each assignment generally lasts between a few weeks and several months – although we had one temp who stayed in her role for seven years!

What kind of businesses can I expect to work for?

We work with a huge variety of businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Oxfordshire. From fast-growing start-ups and small to medium-sized private businesses, to charities and educational facilities, to large-scale national and global brands, we are proud to have long-standing relationships with some of the most innovative and ambitious businesses in the county.

What temp roles do you offer?

We have a wide range of temporary assignments for people at all levels within the business services teams that we recruit for.

Typically, these include:

  • Administration, Customer Service, Reception and PA support
  • Human Resources from Assistant to Manager level
  • Marketing (both on and offline) and Events
  • Finance and Accounts assistance from entry level to Controller
Will I be working for you or the client?

When you temp through Allen Associates, we are responsible for your payments and deal with all the essential administration, including National Insurance and Income Tax, on your behalf.

Can I continue to look for permanent work while temping?

Of course! We understand that you may want to continue your search for a permanent role while working on a temporary assignment.  We will continue to run suitable permanent job opportunities by you and you never know, your temporary role may even turn into a permanent one. This happens a lot!

How will I be paid?

When we place you in an assignment, we will send you a pack of documents which explain everything. We will generate a unique login for our timesheet portal and payslip portal 'ePayWindow' and add you to our weekly payroll.

Each week, when you finish for the weekend, you will have to enter your working hours electronically, which our client will then check and verify online. You will receive payment and your payslip the following Friday, and this system will continue for the duration of your assignment.

Will I be entitled to holiday pay?

Every hour you work in a temporary role, you accrue holiday pay. If you work a full week, this equates to 28 days’ paid holiday pro rata each year (including 8 days for the bank holidays).

This holiday must be taken within your holiday year, which runs for 12 months from the start date of your contract. We cannot pay you holiday pay unless you take a holiday, or finish working with us.

Also, please note that bank holidays not worked will not be paid unless you notify us that you wish to claim holiday pay.

How do I end an assignment?

In an ideal world, we would prefer you to complete your assignment once you have started it. However, we know that things crop up and this isn’t always possible. If you need to finish your assignment early for any reason, please discuss this ASAP with one of our temps consultants so that we can manage this effectively and with minimal disruption to the client.

What happens when I finish a temporary assignment?

Your P45 will be available along with your final pay slip (including any accrued holiday pay left in your pot) online.  We will then update your details on our system. If you would like to look for another assignment, update your CV to show your most recent contract and email it to us. We will then be in touch with you when the next suitable assignment comes up!