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Temp Zone

Welcome to our Temp Zone where you will find all the resources you need. Whether you're already temping with us or considering temporary work for the first time, this section has everything you need for your temporary assignments. We also have information for employers.

Temp Zone
For temps

The benefits of temping

Temporary work can be incredibly rewarding and has many advantages: Temping offers variety, flexibility and an opportunity to learn new skills; it also provides invaluable experiences in different types of businesses, a chance to meet new people, expand your professional network and gain an insight into a wide range of careers.

For some people, temping is a career or a lifestyle choice. For others, it is a temporary solution to help fund their studies, bolster their savings, get a new business off the ground or pave the way to permanent employment.

Temping can be a great door opener, giving you the opportunity to make your mark and potentially land your dream job. A large proportion of our temps go on to be offered permanent positions!

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The benefits of temping
Guides and resources

Registration and placement

When you are registered as a temp and offered a placement, there is lots you’ll want and need to know. You should find all the details in our information packs below.

Useful documents for temps

Access our guides to holidays, timesheets and payslips below. You can also read our temps privacy policy and browse our FAQs for Temps.

For employers

Looking for temporary workers?

Our temps are a huge asset to the businesses and organisations they work for. If you’re under-resourced and looking for an immediate solution, we can help.

All our temps are pre-interviewed and assessed before they join us which means we can quickly and effectively identify people with the skills, know-how and personality traits you’re looking for within Administration, HR, Marketing and Finance.

Whether you want to plug gaps created by sickness, parental leave, a sudden exit or hard-to-fill vacancies – or need extra help with new projects or increased workload – we have a great team of hard working temporary candidates to introduce you to. In fact many of our clients are so impressed with our temps that they go on to offer them permanent roles!

If you’re looking for temporary support, please get in touch with our team at or call us on 01865 335600.

Information for employers

If you use temporary workers, the following information may be useful:

Looking for temporary workers?
"Allen Associates are our first point of call for Temp and Temp-to-Perm staff in Oxford as they do know how to spot an 'Oodler'! They take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for before submitting candidates, are honest about what they can deliver, understand the Oxford market well and are patient with us in times of change. It’s a true recruitment partnership."

Joanne Barker, Head of Talent Acquisition – Operations, Oodle Car Finance, Oxford

Where next?

Next steps

Why not enhance your search by reading our advice articles, finding out about our temp recruitment consultants and browsing our FAQs.

Next steps

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