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A guide to returning to work after a career break

Whether you’re starting a family, have gone back to school, were caring for a relative or travelling the world, it’s not unusual to take time away from work to focus your efforts on other areas of importance. In today’s economic climate, non-linear career paths are the new normal; employers understand that life isn’t as straightforward as a one-way ladder to the top and most of us will take a break at some point to focus on something non-work related.

As specialist recruiters we help Candidates in all stages of their career, and if you’re looking to re-enter the job market after a career break we are well-placed to help you with your next steps.

This month’s guide identifies some of the key reasons so many of today’s candidates are taking a ‘career break’,  how you can utilise your time effectively and most importantly the resources you can utilise to make your transition back to work as comfortable, efficient and smooth as you can.

Whatever stage you find yourself in, be sure to get in touch with our team of sensitive and expert recruiters if you are seeking a new opportunity. We are friendly and thorough and take pride in our holistic approach to hiring.

The guide on ‘returning to work after a career break’ is free to download, read and share: FREE DOWNLOAD

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