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Our Vision and Values

We work diligently with integrity and professionalism to provide the best recruitment experience to Clients and Candidates, be a top employer and support our communities.

What we stand for

What we stand for

What we stand for

Our core values drive our behaviours and help us to achieve our goals in an ethical and sustainable way. Our work and our dealings with you are underpinned by the following values:

•               Excellence.  Our aim is not to compete against other but rather to continually improve how we conduct ourselves in every aspect of our business so that we become the quality benchmark for recruitment in the regions we serve.

•             Professionalism.  We will always try to use our competencies and skills to best effect to deliver a professional service to our Clients and Candidates. 

•             Integrity.  Honesty, openness, loyalty and fairness are at the heart of our company’s ethos.

•             Service.  We will provide a complete and timely service to our Clients and Candidates which always aims to add value and surpass their expectations.

Allen Associates 20 Years

As our business has grown over the years, our values have continued to influence and guide every aspect of our work and the service that we provide to our Clients and Candidates.

In practice, this means that each and every member of the Allen Associates Team must adhere to our Model of Excellence which comprises the following 10 guiding principles:

  1. Work to the principles of best practice
  2. Work with integrity, honesty, openness, loyalty and fairness
  3. Keep the Clients and Candidates best interests in mind at all times
  4. Resolve any conflict in a fair and open way
  5. Put principles before profit
  6. Use professional judgement and keep confidentiality at all times
  7. Work quickly, without compromising quality, keeping the customer informed all the way
  8. Welcome advice and learn from any mistakes
  9. Understand the needs of Clients and Candidates
  10. Act with dignity at all times and expect the same in return

Remaining true to our values isn’t just the right thing to do - it benefits our Clients and Candidates, it helps our business grow ethically and sustainably, and it enables us to provide ongoing support to our local communities.

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