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New Handbook Helps Oxfordshire Businesses To Adopt Open and Inclusive Recruitment

A new handbook has been launched to educate employers across Oxfordshire on open and inclusive recruitment policies.

The Open Recruitment Handbook is the result of a successful collaboration between Oxfordshire’s responsible business networking group Reciprocate, independent recruitment consultancy Allen Associates and employment charity Aspire, which helps hundreds of ex-offenders and disadvantaged youngsters secure work every year.

“This in-depth and insightful guide offers practical advice on how your business can operate a truly open recruitment policy,” explained Paul Roberts, Chief Executive at Aspire. “It’s about enabling everyone, including ex-offenders and those who have found themselves homeless, to access the same job opportunities as others. We are very proud of what we have produced and hope that it inspires local businesses to take action.”

The guide is focussed on sharing advice and guidance about how to support and recruit ex-offenders, young people not in education or training (NEET), homeless, and single parents. It also signposts additional information for enabling opportunities for those who are ex-military, refugees, or have mental health issues or learning disabilities. 

Kate Allen, Managing Director at Allen Associates, said: “It is so important that vulnerable and disadvantaged people within our community have access to equal work opportunities. A huge part of this is educating employers as to how an open recruitment policy can benefit their business and the practical steps they can take to become more inclusive.

“We have been working with employers across Oxfordshire for over 20 years and can honestly say that the best talent often comes from the most unexpected places. Having an open mind and an open door can have a tremendous positive impact on a business.”

The guide features real life stories from those who have been helped by Aspire, and highlights case studies of employers in the county that are already welcoming employees from a diverse range of backgrounds into their organisations. 

Download the guide here.

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