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Why we’re supporting this year’s OX5 run

Walk, run or lightly jog… the OX5 run is raising money for Oxford Children’s Hospital, and sponsored by us – Allen Associates.

You may know that we’ve been sponsoring the OX5 run for the last 10 years – what you may not know is why. We believe that, as one of the leading businesses in Oxford, we have an obligation to support the local community. The OX5 run is one of a number of projects that we’re a part of, including Reciprocate OX, Aspire Oxford and The Ley Community.

As the team at Jack FM so bravely boasted in our advertisements below… “even we can muster a team together for the Oxford Mail OX5 run.”

If you’re looking to take part and make a real difference to children and families in Oxford, get in touch!

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