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Why the best PR jobs aren’t all in London

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

If you asked most people where they thought the centre of the PR industry was, chances are, they would say London.

It’s intriguing to reflect on where this perception has come from. It could just be the lure and size of the city, brand visibility and the high-profile campaigns and events that are associated with the capital.

Certainly, all the major PR awards ceremonies happen there, the PRCA headquarters is based there and the opportunities for networking with all manner of influencers and journalists are enormous.

However, according to research conducted by the CIPR, just one in seven PR jobs in the UK are actually based in London. As rising living, transport and housing costs make it increasingly difficult to sustain a comfortable life in the capital, more and more people are considering regions outside London to further their careers.

We are very fortunate to call one of these regions, Oxford, our home town.

In a report conducted by The Sunday Times in 2017, Oxford was listed as one of the best places to live in the UK, ranking in the top 20 cities. It has beautiful architecture, the university, transport links that are improving all the time, great schools and a varied and cultured lifestyle. All of these attributes need thriving businesses to help make them as desirable as they are, and there is no shortage of them here.

Also plentiful are the opportunities to start and grow your PR career with some of these companies. For instance, Allen Associates currently has an Account Director role responsible for PR and account management, a Senior PR Account Manager role for a fast growing organisation and an Account Executive role, in which the successful applicant will have a significant impact on the development and delivery of crucial campaigns – ideal for a recent graduate looking to kick-start their career in PR. All of which you could find in London, but that might significantly benefit applicants who are looking for variety, a shorter commute and work in a beautiful city.

It could pay in more ways than one, to consider Oxford as the place to continue to grow your career. Recently, we have placed applicants that have come from a London agency, looking for something local to Oxford. They had moved to the area and actually wanted to save time and money on their commute.

The feedback we had from them has revealed that their London agency experience was highly desirable, and gave them an added bonus when starting their new jobs.

Regional cities really lose out on talent and skills when people opt for the capital, so we need to see people widening their radius for their job searches. After all, with over 250,000 people leaving London in the year to the middle of 2016 – the highest level since 2006 according to official figures analysed by The Guardian - the bubble surrounding London could burst eventually, and when it does, you don’t want to be the last one in the race for space in Oxford.

If you’re looking for your next move in PR or seeking your first opportunity within this exciting and fast-growing sector, get in touch with our Marketing Division today or take a look at some of the great new roles we have right now. Click here.

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