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The genius of the ‘jobby-moon’, and why it could work wonders for your career

Kate Allen, Executive Chair and Marketing Director, Allen Associates

Let’s face it: us Brits have trouble switching off. Even when we hand in our notice, our first thought is usually always our next step.

The fear of missing out on opportunities has us tethered to our laptops and mobiles; we are incapable of switching off for even just a split second as we assume it will bring about the death of our professional careers. Caught up in the tide of our To-Do lists, we get carried away by the current and forget to come up for air. Eager to impress, we promise our new or prospective Employers an immediate start to create as little disruption as possible.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with earning a living. Depending on your circumstances, the cost of a holiday may seem inconvenient. However, the price we pay for overworking is rarely taken into consideration. What begins as a lack of energy soon becomes a drop in productivity and a dip in performance. In an attempt to appear professional, we sacrifice our sanity.

While you may have agreed to an early start, your new boss won’t be impressed if you’re already burned out after your first week. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to take a break.

Enter the ‘jobby-moon’.

Just like newlyweds head off to honeymoons and parents-to-be book time off for  babymoons, workers are increasingly embarking on ‘jobby-moons’ to give themselves a well-deserved break from the working world. Already, this new trend is proving beneficial in boosting productivity and improving the mental health of workers around the globe.


Drawing a line in the sand

As our notice period dwindles down, we can often fall into the trap of thinking a break will throw us off course and leave us disconnected with the working world. In truth, it’s usually the opposite - after all, starting a new job is a daunting experience. With only a weekend standing between your last day and your first, how will you recharge your batteries and prepare for a new challenge? Whether you choose to spend your jobby-moon on the beach or a big city, the time you take should allow you to refresh your mental strength and put the past behind you.

Reassessing your goals

When we’re caught up in the whirlwind of targets, KPIs and business objectives, the thought of taking time off can seem counter-productive. By jumping into a new job right away, you don’t allow yourself any time to reset your goals and determine where you are and what you want from your career in the next few years. Further, you don’t give yourself the space to consider whether the planned move is the right one. As a result, your new job just becomes an extension of your old one: before long, you’re burnt out and unsure of where it all went wrong.

Recharging your batteries

Relaxation-starved workers are of no use to any Employer. If you’ve been putting off a break because you don’t want your productive streak to end, you are inadvertently bringing about your own failure. Rather than hitting the ground running, you’ll start your new job feeling lethargic and overworked; you will come to your new role with a head full of frustration that you’ve carried over from your last company. Remember, your jobby-moon need not be expensive or stretch over months to be successful in its aim: even a couple of weeks away from the day-to-day pressures of the working world will be beneficial in giving you the breathing space you need.

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