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How to be fearless in your role

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

Fear is more present at work than we might be comfortable admitting. There is fear of failure (of course), fear of missing something vital or being late, and even, as a recent Glassdoor survey revealed, a fear of falling behind.

Well, we have a lot of experience of all of these fears, be they our own, or those of the Candidates we work with. And if there’s one thing we can tell you, it’s that we have to face these fears. In fact, grab them with both hands and face them down, as it’s the only way you will conquer them.

We know, we know. This sounds like a tall order. But you would be surprised at how small steps and changes of attitude, can help in your quest to become fearless in your role.

Flip reverse

We all know what fear feels like. That jaw clenching, sweaty palmed, heart in your mouth feeling.

Here’s a thought, though. Have you ever thought that it might be manifesting itself as something else, like excitement? Bear with us, because fear actually has the same effect physically on the body as when we are very excited about something.

There is an adage out there somewhere that suggests we should do one thing every day that scares us, and if you’re in a demanding role and trying to progress, something ‘scary’ like a pitch or presentation can come along quite often.

You just need to learn to channel the feelings of fear, and train your brain to think the situation is positive, instead. The next time you feel the fear, try this, and harness that feeling for the future.

Plan, but not too much

If you’re gearing up for a big event at work, it’s almost inevitable that you will be nervous. Preparation is key, so that you can stand up and deliver a presentation that is well thought out, informative and tells your audience what they need to hear. However, if you plan too much and too early, you will spend valuable time doubting yourself.

The last thing you need is days of second guessing your work, and being your own worst enemy. If you know you have a tendency to do it, manage your time strictly, and don’t allow yourself to overthink.

This will ensure that you are calm, prepared and confident, whatever the challenge you are about to face.

Learn to accept “No”

Keep reading...we don’t mean that you should accept the word and that’s final, far from it. In fact, it’s the opposite.

In your career, there will be rejection. Whether it’s after an interview or a piece of work missed the mark, if you progress through life without ever being rejected in one way or another, you’re missing out on valuable lessons.

At the end of the day, “No” is only a word. If you pitch an idea and it still needs work, then you go away and you work on it. If, by chance, you come up against a barrier to achieving your goal, find a way around it and prove to yourself you can do it.

There is far too much emphasis on it being final, and that perception needs to change. All it means is that you have another chance to try again.

Good luck!

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