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The five benefits of video interviewing

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

It’s 2018: if you’re still going back and forth with Candidates trying to align your busy schedules to arrange a face-to-face interview, you could be losing valuable time.

While video interviewing may have been too much hassle for what it was worth when the technology was still in its infancy, today there really is no excuse: video interviewing can actually save you time and allow you to identify the right person for the role with minimal fuss – be it a live session or a pre-recorded video.

It’s hardly surprising, then, to hear that 63% of HR managers have now integrated video interview software into the recruitment process compared to 14% in 2011. As a result, these forward-thinking organisations are enjoying a number of benefits:

1. Enhancing the Candidate experience

High-calibre Candidates want to work for cutting-edge companies who embrace technology, not avoid it: with this in mind, organisations who use video as a means to interview their Candidates will have a much more positive impression than competitors who rely solely on conventional methods.

While telephone interviews may be more convenient, introducing video into the recruitment process will help to boost transparency and encourage confidence from your Candidates.  What’s more, by allowing your Candidate to answer questions from a comfortable setting, you provide them with the space and time to present themselves without the nerves that come with an unfamiliar environment.

2. Reducing your time-to-hire

Sustaining momentum is the key to keeping Candidates interested throughout the hiring process, but when calendars collide, there’s only so many times you can rearrange before an eager applicant loses interest. By using video interviews at an early stage in the recruitment process, you can reduce your time to hire by connecting with the best Candidates as soon as they show interest in the role.

If you opt for a pre-recorded video interview, you can quickly determine a Candidate’s suitability for the role within minutes of their application. If you like what you see and hear, you can quickly get in touch before your competitors get a chance. If you aren’t convinced by their answers to the first few questions, you can simply skip to the next one.

3.Improving the quality of hire

Perhaps the most advantageous feature that this technology-led method boasts is the ability to review interviews more than once. After a Candidate has completed the interview, hiring managers can compare their answers with that of prior applicants to help them make strong hiring decisions. If you aren’t totally sure on whether an applicant meets your criteria, you can gain the input of your colleagues and superiors, by providing them the video to review.

We all know how good certain Candidates can look on paper, and we’re all familiar with the disappointment that follows from an interview with an applicant who isn’t the right fit for the role. Rather than putting CVs under a microscope to separate fact from fiction, you can cut to the chase and get a clear picture of whether or not a Candidate is right for the role straight away through their video responses.

4. Communicating your values

Whether you opt for a live session or a pre-recorded video message, utilising this technology will give you the chance to showcase your company values and present a more intimate image of your Employer brand. Having connected with a prospective Employer through video, most Candidates feel engaged and invested in the company at an early stage. If you are to stand a chance when it comes to securing next-level talent, this is a sure-fire route to piquing their interest. Now you have their attention, you can show, rather than simply tell, your Candidate what makes you an Employer of choice. 

5. Expanding the talent pool

If your aim is to source the cream of the crop, restricting your reach to the local talent pool will certainly weaken your chances of finding that elusive purple squirrel. By conducting video interviews, your organisation can benefit from a diverse range of Candidates located anywhere in the world; you can connect with prospective Employees you would never have been in contact with otherwise.

With fewer scheduling headaches and more time on their hands, hiring managers can quickly and efficiently screen a larger pool of Candidates by producing and sending a pre-recorded set of questions for prospective Employees.

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