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Top 5 tech tools to use when sourcing a Candidate

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

Whether you’re expanding your team or replacing an employee, finding the best person for the job isn’t easy when competition is fierce and the unemployment rate is at a record low. Fortunately for recruiters, there exist a wealth of apps, extensions and platforms that can speed up the sourcing process and assist you in connecting with only the most suitable Candidates.

With such a myriad of tech tools to take advantage of, recruiters could spend days testing talent sourcing apps: however, time to spare is not a luxury that most hiring managers have when the business is in urgent need of new staff.

If you’re looking for digital tools to support your talent acquisition strategy, the following five make for a strong Candidate sourcing kit:

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn may be the bread and butter for hiring managers in 2018, but the latest update to their recruiter platform has been designed with diversity in mind. As organisations seek ways to overcome unconscious bias in talent acquisition, LinkedIn have modified their recruitment tool to reflect the gender distribution of the talent pool when showing results from any particular search.

By adding aggregated gender insights to their reports, the professional social network has enabled hiring managers to better understand the talent landscape in their particular area and gain instant access to a more diverse and representative range of qualified Candidates.

2. Textio Hire

Emails receiving little engagement? Candidates not responding to your LinkedIn messages? Augmented writing allows users of Textio Hire to assess the effectiveness of their content in attracting talent.

Through this futuristic app, you can gain an understanding of how your written tone-of-voice or choice of words can affect the outcome of an interaction with a Candidate: from here, Textio will suggest ways to improve your message based upon millions of job posts and recruiting mails. With this tool at your fingertips, you can truly gain the edge over the competition by crafting emails and job ads that encourage people to get in touch.

3. Lusha

Lusha may be a powerful tool for sales and marketing professionals, but it can be equally as useful to hiring managers seeking to connect with potential Candidates. Through a simple browser extension, Lusha scans the social media profile of a selected individual and provides you with the data you need to make meaningful contact – all within compliance of data protection regulations.

4. Hiretual

If you’re worried that you’re restricting your reach by only using one channel to source talent, you might just benefit from Hiretual. Supercharging your search, this program scours over 30 platforms and more than 700m professional profiles to match suitable Candidates with your job descriptions. Fuelled by AI technology, Hiretual promises to speed up the search by quickly building Candidate personas from streams of information: a pretty handy tool to have if time is not on your side.

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite may not be a talent sourcing tool by nature, but it can certainly prove useful in expanding your reach. Through their website, you can browse through the local business event calendar and use filters to find industry and discipline-specific meet-ups, conferences and workshops where you’re likely to find potential Candidates.

If they are interested and passionate enough to be attending an ‘extra-curricular’ event, they might already be ticking a few boxes. Having attended a number of networking events, you may also choose to use Eventbrite to promote one of your own, encouraging Candidates to come to you and get to know your business.

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