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Attributes of a great Temporary worker

Kate Allen, Executive Chair and Marketing Director, Allen Associates

Employers in need of short-term cover don’t expect to sacrifice on quality when they take to the market to find Temporary staff. They may not be as concerned with long-term cultural fit and ambition to lead, but most companies favour professionals who treat Temporary assignments as they would a full-time job.

With this in mind, your applications to fixed-term roles should be as eye-catching and convincing as if you were pitching for a permanent opportunity. It may be a fixed-term contract, but your aim should be to showcase the unique value you can offer to a company irrespective of how long you will stay there. That said, due to the nature of Temporary employment, there are unique set of skills that are required for those seeking to have a positive impact.

If you have yet to dip your toe into the temping water, it’s a good idea to get accustomed with the traits you will need to make a lasting impression.

You’re reliable

Considering your time with the company will be brief compared to that of your permanent colleagues, your aim as a Temporary worker should be to make yourself as available as possible to the company during your contracted hours. Showing up on time every day is a given but going above and beyond to help your colleagues and contribute your input where needed is the attitude that a temp worker should hold if they wish to impress.

You can easily adapt to new situations

As a Temporary worker, you will be expected to navigate new landscapes with ease; Employers want to see you take to new challenges with passion and enthusiasm rather than fear and apprehension. Fortunately, most Candidates who opt for short-term contracts will naturally grow in agility the more projects they complete. This is especially true of workers who choose to take on multiple contracts in quick succession, hopping from task to task with virtually no time in between.

You thrive under pressure

While Temporary work was once associated with low-level tasks, a growing number of businesses today recruit specialist talent on fixed-term contracts in order to tackle high-value projects and meet demand during peak times. The most attractive Temporary Candidates, therefore, are those who will achieve objectives comfortably and to a high standard irrespective of growing pressure. If you can provide evidence of a moment or moments in which you thrived in spite of a looming deadline, hiring managers will be much more inclined to consider you for a Temporary role.

You don’t need much training

While an Employer will allow a bedding in period for permanent additions to their team, the expectation of hiring Temporary staff is that they are self-sufficient and bring skills from their past experiences. Rather than requiring several months of training, the best temps can learn on the job and are perfectly happy to find information on their own without constantly asking management for support.

You know how to build a rapport

Having moved between many organisations within a certain period of time, Temporary workers should know better than to stand on the outskirts and wait to be brought in to the culture. Understanding how to build a rapport with your colleagues and superiors without getting sucked into office politics is imperative to your success in the role: this isn’t about making friends, it’s about learning how the organisation functions and connecting with colleagues on a professional level. Achieve this and your time with the company will be a lot more enjoyable.

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