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Could Temporary work be key to your career success in 2019?

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

Whether you’re currently in full-time Employment or seeking new opportunities, the new year presents a chance to take a step back and evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Perhaps a career change is on the cards; maybe you want to gain new skills or ultimately, you might just be eager to secure a role that allows for more control over your work/life balance.

While permanent Employment remains the most popular choice, an increasing number of companies are seeking Temporary workers to fulfil short-term needs and promote flexibility.  What’s more, considering the uncertainty surrounding our exit from the EU, a number of UK businesses are holding back on hiring in full-time staff until more clarity is available on the future of our economy.

It may not have crossed your mind, but opting for Temporary work could prove an excellent career choice in 2019. If you’ve never entered the world of temping before, it’s natural to feel nervous about what it might mean for your long-term prospects. However, choosing a Temporary over a permanent contract will undoubtedly offer you a number of benefits:

A chance to add strings to your bow

In a fast-changing business landscape, Employers eager to meet demand without increasing overheads are turning to temp workers to take on business-critical tasks and meet fluctuating demands. With this in mind, Temporary work can provide a unique opportunity to refine your skills by applying them to a number of different projects through a variety of roles. Working on a project-by-project basis may be an intense learning curve, but it certainly allows you to grow your expertise and strengthen your skills in a short space of time.

A welcome boost to your professional network

No matter your long-term aspirations, the value of a vast circle of relevant connections in your professional career cannot be overstated – after all, you never know which of these contacts could open a door to an exciting opportunity. As a Temporary worker, it’s likely you will take on a couple of contracts within the space of a year – in turn, you should be able to add a raft of new connections to your network through your various roles. Of course, this will ultimately depend on your ability to integrate into new teams with ease, but if you can master the art of adaptability, the reward will be worth the effort.

Flexibility in work and pay

While most Employers are taking steps to build more flexibility into full-time Employment contracts, few permanent opportunities will offer you the same control over your work-life balance than Temporary contracts. While some may criticise this career path for the lack of long-term stability, most temps cite freedom and independence amongst their reasons for sticking to short-term contracts.

As a Temporary worker, you will have complete control over when you work, who you work for and for how long. Naturally, your financial needs will factor into these decisions – however, with flexible Employment comes flexible income: if you need to save a certain amount of money in a short space of time for a significant purchase, back-to-back Temporary contracts will certainly enable you to maximise your earning potential. And, you can always follow it up with a quiet period that allows you to rest and recuperate for the next exciting opportunity.

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