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The top 5 benefits of networking for Temporary workers and how it can add value to your role

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

Whether you’re new to the world of temping or on the lookout for your next contract, active networking is crucial in unlocking exciting career opportunities and boosting your employability. If networking doesn’t come naturally, try to view this less as your personal sales pitch and more as a chance to build long-lasting professional relationships with key contacts in your industry.

It might seem like speed-dating, but networking is about getting to know people who might be able to help you or at least share insight, support or a recommendation. While social media may make it easy to take the digital shortcut, there’s a difference between an untapped list of connections and a professional network. Make an active commitment to building and maintaining yours and your temping career will benefit in a number of ways:

1. Building a support network

The world of temporary work can be incredibly rewarding, but it isn’t devoid of its own unique challenges. Whether you’re between contracts or planning for the future, having a strong circle of likeminded individuals and well-seasoned professionals can make all the difference. Gaining advice from experienced peers can help to settle your concerns and set you on the path to success, but don’t forget to return the favour and provide assistance where you can. This will set a precedent and contribute towards creating a supportive culture within your network.

2. Growing your industry presence

Temping is a great way to learn from a wide range of experiences and get your foot in the door with well-renowned companies. However, unless you make an active effort to seek out these valuable connections, it will prove difficult to make a name for yourself within your chosen industry. With this in mind, your aim should be to fill your calendar with conferences, tradeshows and workshops in the local area: the more events you attend, the more your reputation will grow.

3. Making valuable contacts

You never know when a key industry player is going to be strolling around an industry event: maybe you’ll be stuck in the lift with the head of HR at the BBC, perhaps you’ll be sampling the spread with the marketing director of John Lewis. In any case, leaving a lasting impression on decision makers can bode well for your long-term career aspirations: should a vacancy at their company arise that suits your skill-set, you’ll already have the advantage over other Candidates thanks to the time you put in to building the relationship.

4. Scoring exciting opportunities

Taking on temporary contracts can allow you to get involved in a number of exciting projects within small start-ups and well-established corporations. Now and then, you’ll score the kind of contract that makes you excited to get to work throughout the duration of your employment. But you’re unlikely to hear about these kinds of opportunities if you don’t seek them out. Active networking can help you to hear about job openings long before they hit the internet and get a head start from other Candidates.

5. Gaining valuable insight

With a diverse professional network on hand, you can take advantage of the collective industry insight to keep abreast of key sector changes and upcoming challenges. What’s more, a well-informed, experienced network can be a great place to gain best practice knowledge and discover new tools and techniques to aid in the job. These can all enhance your employability and thus, your ability to secure that dream contract.

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