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What do all the best Temporary workers have in common?

Kate Allen, Executive Chair and Marketing Director, Allen Associates

Hiring a Temporary worker can have many benefits, allowing you to hire flexibly to meet short-term workloads, test the waters before you recruit permanently or find an emergency replacement. Having an extra Employee can be hugely welcome at a busy time, however it’s important to find someone who will help to solve challenges, rather than creating new stresses and strains. So, what do you need to look for when you’re interviewing potential Candidates? Read on to find out what all the best Temporary workers have in common.


Any Employee needs to adapt to the workplace, but for a Temporary worker this ability is key as they have a limited time to make an impact. Look for people who are quick to find their feet and willing to learn new things. The best professionals know that they may need to change the way they conduct themselves depending on the environment – working at one business is very different from the next. Make sure you find someone who is willing to accept feedback, change how they operate and ideally already has some understanding and enthusiasm for your company culture.


If you’re hiring a Temporary worker in order to meet a critical deadline, you need someone who is reliable – who will show up on time and get things done. Candidates should take their job seriously and show the same effort and passion for their tasks as they would if it was a permanent role. Try to hire someone who wants to make a good impression, rather than someone who sees the position as a stop-gap. You don’t want an Employee who is looking for an opportunity to make money and move on – you want someone who is conscientious, punctual and committed.


The best Temporary workers are able to bring something to the role. They will need to orientate themselves within the company, but they should already be trained up. When you’re busy and you need a helping hand, taking on a person who needs a lot of support is counter-productive and defeats the object of hiring them in the first place. Your Employee should bring a wealth of experience from previous jobs. Make sure you tap into this and use their insight – it’s often refreshing to have a new pair of eyes when you need to come up with ideas, work around challenges and problem solve.

Good communication

As a business, you’re looking for someone who is independent, but also someone who will stay in touch and keep you up to date with the progress they’ve made. When you hire, make sure your new Employee is confident about approaching you to communicate problems and ask your advice if needed. There’s a difference between a member of staff who leans upon you too much and someone who knows when to flag something with their manager. Good Temporary workers know when to ask questions and who to go to for this. They’re friendly and cheerful, and able to build a rapport quickly - they can fit in with your existing team and contribute to projects effectively.


A job offer can be life-changing, whether it’s permanent or not. Temporary work can help Candidates build up their CV and lead to other exciting opportunities elsewhere. When you offer someone a position, it’s important that they appreciate this and work to their best ability to make an impact. Enthusiasm is generally good for team motivation and a positive colleague can really help to brighten up your day. So why not ask Candidates about this during the interview process? Find out what drives them, why they’re excited about the role and what they’re hoping to bring to your company.

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