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The benefits of an ‘always hiring’ recruitment strategy

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Hiring can feel like an all-consuming task, and when you need to fill an existing position the pressure is on to source applicants before the gap in manpower starts to cost the business. Read on to find out how adopting an ‘always hiring’ strategy within your business could pay dividends when it comes to finding your best candidates.

Avoid last-minute hiring

Research by Indeed found that half of jobs advertised in the UK remain empty after a month and 27 per cent are still vacant after three months. To avoid a situation where you’ve lost an Employee and have nobody to take their place, you should be continually hiring. In this type of scenario, many Employers feel that they have to pick someone, even if the shortlist of applicants isn’t up to scratch. That said, a bad hire can also cost you. Employing someone who dents team morale and damages your reputation can be a nightmare. By adding to your team on a regular basis, or even just keeping your nose to the ground for potential applicants, you’ll be future-proofing yourself so that you’re one step ahead.

Engage with passive Candidates

Did you know that 84 per cent of people would consider leaving their current position if another company, with a great reputation, offered them a job? To be that organisation and to compete with other businesses in the war for talent, you need to focus on reaching passive Candidates. Develop your network and talk to people (both online and in-person) in a bid to get them to engage with you. After all, when you build a relationship with someone over time, they’re more likely to join you later down the line. Whether you’re striving to improve your branding, grow your reputation in the marketplace or develop a great working culture, think about these areas with your hiring hat on and be aware of the ways in which they can also make you attractive to passive Candidates.

Support your current team to improve staff retention

If there isn’t a position available now, there will be later – all growing businesses will need to hire sooner rather than later. So, be forward-thinking and consider your future recruitment targets in order to make sure your existing team is well supported. Keep your eye on your current team’s needs, from training and progression to support and wellbeing, because getting a new Employee through the door is only the first step – you also need to persuade them to stay. By doing this, you’ll be boosting your reputation as an outstanding Employer to work for and creating a thriving work culture. As we all know talent attracts talent, and when you have a high-performing team who are happy in their workplace, you’ll find that this creates a snowball effect making it easier to source the next Employee you need.

Improve your hiring process

Recruitment skills within the hiring team should be constantly assessed and improved upon.  If you’re actively working on this, you’ll find that hiring will come more naturally to you and that you won’t have to start from scratch every time you need a new team member. So, make sure you’re constantly analysing the way in which you advertise jobs, interview, evaluate and select Employees. Make a list of what needs to be improved and implement this straight away. As you’ll have found already, the ability to hire swiftly means that you have a greater chance of finding the best applicants – in today’s Candidate-driven market highly skilled job hunters don’t hang around for long!

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