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How do you find a candidate with staying power?

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Imagine the scenario: After spending months interviewing, training and onboarding a new Employee, they hand in their resignation letter after just six months. It’s a situation that every hiring team is keen to avoid, having invested heavily in the interview process and the final Candidate. While there’s no fool-proof method, there are a couple of things you can do to secure people with stickability and encourage them to stay the course.

Set clear expectations

When you’re writing the job description, it’s important to be honest about what the role entails and the position your company is in currently. Without this, Candidates will become disappointed and disillusioned fairly quickly. Of course, it’s important to sell your organisation to potential Employees, but you should also be genuine in your description of what they’ll be doing day to day and what will be expected of them. If you’re making changes to the business, let Candidates know, and outline how they can contribute. By doing this, there’ll be no surprises when they walk through the door on their first day.

Hire for attitude

Sometimes, attitude can be more important than aptitude. You could have the most talented Candidate in the world, but if they aren’t willing to muck in, adjust their viewpoint, and learn from mistakes, they could be a risky hire. To do this, make sure you challenge interviewees about how they deal with tricky situations, and look for soft skills, such as teamwork, communication and problem solving – which are key indicators of potential success. Check peoples’ references and search for red flags. While you can train someone on the job, enthusiasm, positivity and an ability to get along with people are also qualities that are highly prized – but can’t be taught.

Cast your net wide

There’s no typical Candidate, so in order to give yourself the best chance of finding a dedicated, hardworking Employee, it’s important to do everything you can to attract a wide talent pool to choose from. While hiring fast enables you to successfully secure top talent, you should also take some time to scrutinise people at interview stage. After all, a CV only tells you so much, and you will learn so much more during a face-to-face meeting. Finding that extra special Candidate who will go the extra mile for you and your business may take time, so be prepared to put in the hours to reap the reward.

Assess cultural fit

Every company is different, so be aware of this and try to define your culture – what are the contributing factors? Look at what motivates a Candidate and whether this makes them a good fit for your business. Bear in mind that people respond to different styles of management. While some Employees thrive in an independent working environment, others need a more structured management approach.  Assessing this, and finding the right person early on, will enable you to hire someone who can quickly become part of the team. Above all, ask about their expectations – be it a stable job, progression or the opportunity to step up to management – and check that you can offer these things.

Focus on retention

Research shows that Employees who are engaged and have high wellbeing are 59 per cent less likely to look for a job within the next 12 months. So, to ensure that your Candidates have staying power, you need to give them a helping hand. It’s not just about getting people through the door; it’s about making sure that they have a great onboarding process, with many opportunities to progress throughout their career with you. By recognising achievements, listening to feedback and putting Employee engagement at the top of your list, this will only increase loyalty and encourage hard work.

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