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Where can I get the best job advice?

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Whether you’re at a crossroads in your career and are seeking a change, are contemplating quitting your job for pastures new or you have yet to kickstart your professional journey, a push in the right direction from a reputable source can be a welcome assist to difficult job-related decisions.

Careers guidance isn’t hard to come by, but it’s up to you to determine whose advice you can trust and which to take. Often, the most effective solution is to seek advice from several different sources – that way, you can see your situation objectively from multiple perspectives and get a good idea of the options available to you.

But where to begin?

1.    Call on your network

Your friends and family know you best and will tend to give consideration to your unique preferences, personality, habits and aspirations when providing advice. As valuable as this type of guidance may be, reaching out to your wider network can help to bring more balance and inspiration in the form of professional stories from like-minded individuals who have been in your position in the past.

2.    Consult industry publications

Exciting changes within your industry or discipline can have the power to shape career decisions, so always be sure to keep your finger on the pulse with the latest developments by consulting trade publications. Such resources typically include interviews with successful leaders who provide insights into their professional journeys; they also tend to include FAQs that might aid in shining a light on the best course of action for your particular situation.

3.    Ask the right digital communities

As cathartic as it may be to sit down with your friends and chat about your current challenges, there are also a number of groups dedicated to your particular sector, skillset, passion or discipline on channels such as LinkedIn. These digital communities exist for the very purpose of knowledge sharing and advice, so don’t hesitate to take advantage. The responses you receive could be critical in shaping your decision.

4.    Seek out a mentor

No matter your age or experience, career coaches or mentors can be a powerful tool in helping you to achieve your professional goals. Having been there, done that and got the t-shirt, the wisdom they share can prove invaluable. From interview tips and career choices to advice on how to rise to the top in spite of various hurdles, mentors can not only lend their expertise but also help to build your confidence and grow professionally. Mentors can be found from your professional network, but there are also a number of sites and services that connect ambitious professionals with coaches and mentors.

5.    Speak to a specialist recruiter

When it comes to getting job advice, you should always take into account the expertise and credibility of the person dishing it out. With this in mind, someone who is not only an expert in recruitment but is also knowledgeable about your profession and the sector you are interested in is certainly worth listening to. As well as advice on specific sector trends and Employer demands, the best recruiters are equipped to provide guidance to Candidates on the best route forward – be it regarding interview styles, a career change or an exciting opportunity. If you’re having trouble determining the decision that’s right for you, an effective recruiter should take the time to get a full understanding of your situation in order to weigh up the advantages and drawbacks and act as an advocate to promote your strengths to a prospective Employer.

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