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Why should you consider boomerang Employees?

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In their search for top talent, competitive organisations leave no stone unturned. Yet, when a former Employee expresses interest in returning to fill a vacancy, hiring managers are often filled with apprehension. Known in the industry as boomerang Employees, these Candidates have historically been overlooked by Employers on the basis that their choice to leave symbolised a lack of loyalty. If their resignation came as a shock, scepticism as to the longevity of boomerang employees is natural. However, in a tight labour market, bolting the door shut after an Employee has willingly walked out of it can be self-destructive. With competition across a myriad of sectors heating up and a skills gap widening, many organisations are changing their tune on Boomerang Employees. If you’ve sworn off rehiring former members of staff, here are some reasons that might make you reconsider:

1. Because talent is talent

In the first quarter of 2019, (53 per cent) of UK businesses attempted to recruit new hires with 73 per cent struggling to find the right staff. Assuming they brought talent to the team, delivered consistent results and left on good terms, hiring a boomerang Employee is an easy way to secure specialist talent amidst a skills shortage. Speaking candidly with a boomerang Employee about any reservations you have regarding their ambitions and future plans will ensure you are both on the same page before any agreement is made.

2. Because they can hit the ground running

Having already worked for your company, received training on the systems and grown familiar with your processes, a boomerang Employee arrives well-equipped to get to work with little ‘bedding in’ needed. If it’s been several years since they worked for you, a refresher will be helpful in getting them up to date on objectives, priorities and processes - but a boomerang Employee won’t need the same lengthy (and costly) induction as a new hire. Within a few weeks, you should be able to feel the impact of your former Employee faster than a new recruit.

3. Because a boomerang Employee brings new experience

Encouraging high-performing Employees back to your business not only shows a progressive and welcoming culture, it enables you to take advantage of the new perspectives your former employee brings. Even if the time away from your company has made them realise leaving was a mistake, it has also served to enhance their skillset and therefore the value they have to offer as an Employee. Naturally, this can come with higher salary demands, but an open conversation about remuneration can help in creating a compelling offer that factors in personal preferences on perks and rewards.

4. Because your competitors are actively doing it

According to research from The Workforce Institute and, nearly half of HR professionals surveyed claimed their organisation previously had a policy against rehiring former staff  – even if the Employee left on good terms. Yet today, 76 per cent say they are more accepting of hiring boomerang Employees . A study from Management Today confirmed the trend, with results from their research indicating that almost half (49 per cent) of HR directors have already successfully re-hired former Employees.

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