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Five marketing roles you may not have considered (but should)

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Marketing is all about promoting products and services, and over the last ten years we’ve seen many changes in the profession brought about by technological advances which have had a huge influence on consumer behaviour. Digital marketing is now a key consideration for many growing businesses, and as a result, there are many new jobs to consider to for developing professionals in this area. Whether you’re at the start of your career or you’re a seasoned expert, it’s certainly worth being aware of the up-and-coming roles which are most in demand.

Content marketing specialist

Have you ever been influenced to make a decision based on something you’ve read? Whether it’s a guide to the best products on the market or a magazine article about travel destinations, great content can be incredibly persuasive. In an increasingly digital world, consumers are bombarded by a wealth of information, so they are more likely to pay attention to articles, graphics and videos with a high engagement rate – which is where this role comes into its own. According to Gartner, 28 per cent of marketers have reduced digital advertising budgets to spend more on content creation for this very reason. If you’re confident creating campaigns which involve writing, designing and creating short, snappy films to reach key target audiences, you’re likely to thrive in this type of role.

SEO Executive

Around the world, 4.39 billion people use the internet to search for information – with many of these doing so on a daily if not hourly basis. Of course, when you type in a query the results you receive are carefully ranked to help you get the answer to your question as fast as possible. That’s why Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is so important, because the higher up your company appears, the greater amount of web traffic they get as a result. Now that so many of us use the internet as our first port of call, SEO has become a desirable specialism within the marketing mix. Do you enjoy working in an area which is changing all the time? Are you able to demonstrate excellent strategic thinking and an analytical mindset? If so, this could be the perfect career path for you.

PPC Manager

Pay-per-click or PPC specialists have a range of options available to them, from working with an in-house marketing team, to taking on a role at a digital agency managing multiple Clients. It’s an area that has only developed in the last five to 10 years, but now many ambitious firms are looking for people to plan, develop and effectively deliver online advertising. In this job you could be using Google AdWords or Microsoft Advertising, as well as managing paid campaigns through Facebook and LinkedIn. For each platform, you’ll need to know how to maximise results. By analysing data and current trends, PPC Managers are able to create initiatives which drive people through to a website and, most importantly, add to the consumer experience so that they’re converted into customers.

Social media manager

Today, 72 per cent of people use at least one form of social media. For those outside of the marketing profession, using Twitter or Facebook is a leisure pursuit – it’s something we do to share news with colleagues, friends and family. However, to the trained eye, these ready-made networks represent huge potential. Being a social media manager isn’t just about sharing content, it’s much more strategic than that. As we’ve seen from a rapid rise in social media influencers, being able to share your message with thousands of followers can really pay off. To reach your target audience effectively, you’ll need to keep on top of the latest trends, choose the best platforms to use, and develop your brand messaging so that people pay attention when you post. Professionals keen to develop in this area should start with their own profiles to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of this specialism.

Conversion rate optimisation lead

A conversion rate optimisation manager is responsible for managing the customer journey, to increase the chance that a person clicking on your company website will become a sales lead or customer. This is often a highly collaborative role. Professionals could be working with Employees responsible for social media and blogging, as well as UX/UI designers to spot common pain points and offer creative solutions. Are customers able to find what they’re looking for, is the pay process simple, and is there the opportunity to upsell along the way? By analysing data effectively, CRO specialists are able to increase marketing funnel efficiencies, making the most of every opportunity to sell.

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