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Save time interviewing: Use video!

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There’s no getting away from the fact that interviewing takes time. The good news is that video interviewing (if used in the right way) can create a more effective and efficient recruitment process. This is something that more and more companies are recognising. Nearly 50 per cent of companies surveyed by the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) last year indicated that they were using video interviewing – and it’s a number that’s bound to rise as we welcome new generations of tech-savvy Employees into the workplace. Here are our top tips to consider.

Attracting interviewees through video

With employment rates at a record high, it’s a candidate-driven market – which means that businesses need to do everything they can to attract top talent. Therefore, creating a video advert, or creating a company film, is a good way to get your new opportunity noticed. Animations, Employee interviews or short clips for social media all contribute to your profile as a recruiter, positioning your organisation as a modern, forward-thinking place to work. Research shows that 9 out of 10 candidates are more likely to apply for a role if the company is actively maintaining its Employer brand. To get ahead of your competitors, why not consider this as an option?

The pre-screening process

According to Glassdoor, each corporate job offer will attract an average of 250 CVs. While the number of applications will vary depending on your company, there’s a risk that, when you’re handling a high volume of CVs, you may miss something as you scan. Introducing pre-recorded video interviews not only makes it easier for recruiters to get an immediate feel for the applicant behind the screen, it helps to standardise the process. With every potential Employee answering the same set of questions, it becomes easier to distinguish between those who make the grade and those who don’t. If you have the technology, these recordings can be integrated with your recruitment software, or they can be attached to an e-mail.

Communicating with Candidates

Have you considered the stages of the interview process where a simple video to answer commonly asked questions could be effective? A common example is the time period between offering an interview slot to potential Employees and the meeting itself. Creating a short film to explain the whole process will not only save you answering several e-mails on the same topic, it will contribute positively to the Candidate experience. To keep people interested in your company while you’re busy preparing to welcome people or making a final decision on who to hire, try sending them a quick video to thank them for their time and re-sell the opportunity. In a recruitment market where top applicants could receive multiple offers, this could be the difference between a final acceptance or an unsuccessful rejection.

Collaborate with team members

One of the many benefits of video interviewing is that you can share applicant’s recordings with your wider team. This could be at the pre-screening stage, or you could consider asking your final two to three Candidates to create a video to persuade you why you should hire them. As many Employers know, it can be tricky to schedule interviews, making sure that you have everyone you need around the table. The benefit of working this way is that you can re-play Candidate’s answers to remind yourself what they said, as well as to share these with the wider team. Whatever process you decide on, it’s worth considering how video can allow to you to seek others’ expertise.

When should you meet face-to-face?

As with all good things, it’s important to recognise that video has its limitations. Although there are many benefits, you’ll need to a balance between using technology and relying on the traditional face-to-face meeting. In our view, it’s best to use a hybrid of both of these things. After all, what works for one company might not work for another. A big advantage of video interviews is that they’re flexible. They allow Candidates to speak to recruiters at a time and location that best suits them. However, 34 per cent of people still prefer to meet people in-person, and at the final stage of the process, there’s no substitute for this. To demonstrate your interest in an applicant, it’s important to take time out of our busy schedule, and of course, there are some questions that Candidates will be more comfortable asking in person once they’ve met you.

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