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The future of the job search - what do employers need to know?

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In today’s digital world, it’s hard to imagine a time where Candidates would have answered a job advert in a newspaper by sending their CV in the post. Technology has changed the way we hire beyond recognition – and this pace of change is set to continue well into the future. Almost every day, we see new developments within this area from AI to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to website chatbots. It’s clear that if recruiters want to continue attracting the best talent, they’ll need to modernise hiring processes and adapt the way that they engage with Candidates. With 2020 just on the horizon, here’s what you should be considering as we prepare for another busy year ahead.

Prioritise the Candidate experience

With UK employment at a record high, securing the right Employees can be difficult. Talented professionals often receive multiple job offers, so it’s important to sell opportunities available within your company. Don’t approach the interview process thinking that applicants will be lucky to work with you. Instead, prioritise the Candidate experience. Avoid a situation where your preferred choice turns down the role by making sure that everyone gets the best impression possible. The saying ‘Candidate is king’ has never been more accurate. A bad experience not only deters people from applying for another role, it will affect the way you’re perceived by their friends, family and colleagues.

Focus on passive talent

It’s thought that 73 per cent of Candidates are passive job seekers – another result of record employment levels. With this in mind, you might need to change your approach. If these people aren’t actively looking for a new role, they won’t be looking at job boards. To attract these types of applicants, it’s important to work on building your reputation and brand as an Employer. Many companies are realising the need to market opportunities in new ways, both online and through face-to-face networking. Cultivate a wider talent network by participating in events, creating Employee referral programmes and starting your own blog. Think about how you can stand out from your competitors as an Employer of choice.

Consider disruptive technology

Not every piece of new technology will be right for your business, but it’s never been more important to keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations. Having a good grasp of these, including how they can positively impact your hiring process, will help you to make an informed investment decision. Most of us aren’t planning to use AI recruiting robots anytime soon, however, what about CV screening and personality matching? Developments in this area will only get more sophisticated in the future, and companies who can stay ahead of the curve, becoming early technology adopters, are likely to feel the benefits.

Use analytics to inform your decisions

Many of today’s headlines focus on how technology could steal our jobs, but have you considered how this could enable you to excel in your role? A LinkedIn survey of recruitment professionals found that 68 per cent wanted to improve their performance over the next five years by using better tools and technology. Through new software and systems, it’s possible to do so much more. In fact, leaders across many industries are realising the benefits of tracking and analysing data in order to inform decisions. Just imagine how tracking the quality of your appointments, sourcing channel effectiveness, and the time it’s taken to hire could enable improvements long-term. In the future, it’s possible that these kinds of analytics will enable recruiters to take a much more strategic approach.

Thinking digital-first

Today, creating a strong digital footprint which can be seen by potential Employees is a ‘must’. In the workplace, we all use technology to communicate, and this is no different for Candidates. In fact, 89 per cent of job seekers think their smartphones play a critical role in their job-hunting process. Are people able to view your job advert on social media, click through to a mobile optimised website and apply at the click of a button? Adapting the application process in-line with peoples’ digital preferences should be just the start. There are many things to consider, such as improving your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to increase your visibility online, using video interviews within your hiring process and using platforms like LinkedIn to contact top Candidates directly.

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