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Six steps to becoming the manager everyone wants to work for

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Being a manager is a huge responsibility. It’s thought that 79% of people quit their jobs because they feel underappreciated. Often, this comes down to how they’ve been treated by their senior leadership team. Unfortunately, many people working in managerial roles receive little training when they take on the role, yet are expected to know how to manage, support and reward their teams. However, there are a number of ways to work alongside your Employees while still producing optimum results and exceeding targets.

Nurture your workforce

With a strong line management structure in place, it shouldn’t fall to you to monitor performance for each and every Employee. However, you should ensure that your staff are able to carve out their own path for career progression. Make sure a personal development plan has been implemented so that they have a clear idea of how they can develop. Millennials in particular will appreciate regular guidance – with 91% of them preferring to receive formal feedback at least every six months.

Embrace an open-door policy

Managers who adopt an open-door policy always encourage open, honest and candid communication. When your staff feel comfortable approaching you to discuss new ideas or challenges, you’re far more likely to be kept in the loop with the day-to-day running of the business – something which can easily bypass you once you’ve climbed the ladder to a leadership role.

Reward hard work

Showing your appreciation for your team’s hard work isn’t all about financial incentives. While it’s unlikely they’ll turn down a bonus, perks such as flexible working and a gym membership can boost morale and maintain a happy, healthy workforce. Perhaps try setting up an ‘Employee of the Month’ award with a clear, achievable criteria – ideally with your Employees voting for the winner. A simple thank you can work wonders too, whether it’s in the form of an email or a note left on their desk.

Fast-track bright Employees

In growing companies, it’s common to see staff rapidly climb the ranks. Upskilling your top talent is a fool-proof way to retain and enhance your workforce, provided that you make your selections wisely. Your Employees should be continually developing. Promotions shouldn’t just come down to formal qualifications and the time people spend within your business. Is there someone who has demonstrated a deep-rooted desire to learn and made significant contributions? If so, it may be time to reward them for it.

Talk less, listen more

When you’re the most experienced member of the team, you may be eager to share your insights with those around you – but you should also try to learn from others. As a leader, your team will look to you for strategic direction. However, the most effective managers will engage in two-way conversations with their Employees, taking on board their observations and concerns. It’s always possible to broaden your knowledge, even when you’ve been in business for many years.

Share accountability

Be willing to delegate tasks, proving that you trust your staff, and encourage your peers to take the lead from time to time. By doing this, you’ll develop a work environment where everyone is accountable for success. Having a shared responsibility for growth is an excellent way to draw people together. Provide your team with the necessary resources to achieve goals, then monitor the progress and offer extra support when it’s needed.

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