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The reason talent attraction starts with employee retention

Kate Allen, Managing Director, Allen Associates

A high retention rate is an integral part of enhancing your business reputation, keeping team morale high and becoming a magnet for your sector’s top talent. In essence, it’s about hiring members of staff whose values truly align with the organisation’s and carving out both short- and long-term plans for their career progression. So, how does this translate into attracting highly skilled employees?

A happy workforce will enhance your reputation

Boosting employee satisfaction is typically the first step towards reducing your employee turnover – and it just so happens that it’ll give your professional reputation a nice lift too. Plus, happy employees are 13% more productive and less likely to experience burnout. Taking the time to evaluate what’s working for your team and what’s not isn’t just a short-term solution for retaining your Employees – it’s a long-term investment in the future of the business. Every manager wants to ensure that a new hire transitions well into their company and culture, and this is a crucial part of determining whether your new recruit will be a good fit for the company in the long-term. If a candidate can see that you’ve made the right choice time and time again, they’re more likely to trust your judgement and be glad to join the team.

Staff expect to feel valued in the workplace

Retaining your most talented team members goes far beyond offering bonuses and free drinks on a Friday afternoon. While an attractive compensation package may fend off competition when you’re hiring, your current employees need to have a clear sense of purpose during their time at work. By recognising the hard work they put in, you’ll start to develop a mutually respectful relationship between yourself and your team. If you received some excellent client feedback, don’t just share it with the employee that’s earned it – share it with the rest of the team. They’ll be glad to see that efforts were worth worthwhile, and their peers will be spurred on to do the same. Fostering this positive relationship with your workforce will, in turn, improve your reputation as the go-to employer in your sector.

Employees will showcase opportunities for career progression

When prospective candidates can see that employees have successfully climbed the ranks within the business, they’ll realise that they’ve got the chance to do the same. A lack of opportunity to advance their careers is the second most popular reason for employees to leave a company – second only to a low salary. Even if they don’t show it, most employees are eager to learn more about their industry. Sometimes this is simply to improve their performance in their current role, and other times it’s to aid them in progressing into future roles in different organisations. Regardless of their motivations, providing a framework to help staff plan out their ideal career path will boost your retention rate and increase your chances of positive word-of-mouth recommendations to potential candidates. Don’t forget to share the news of any promotions on your website, blog or social media channels, as it’s often the first place prospective candidates will look to get an accurate gauge of the company culture.

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