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Why you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate with Employers

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New research by employment screening service provider JDP shows that 41% of Candidates negotiate every job offer that they receive. It’s a crucial part of ensuring that the offer on the table is not only ideal for the Employer – but it’s right for you too.

Know your worth

Before any conversations regarding salary take place, you’ll need to do some thorough research into the average salary for similar roles in your sector. Don’t forget that this can vary vastly in regional areas, so you should look for detailed sector-specific salary surveys to give you a better understanding of the bigger picture. For an at-a-glance look into what other Employers are offering, try searching your job title on Glassdoor and checking existing job descriptions to make direct comparisons between jobs that are currently available.

Prospective Employers may state a salary range rather than one specific figure, and this typically means that your experience will determine what you’re offered. Consider how many years of experience you have in your current role and how you could prove that you’re ready to take the next step in your career.

Think outside the box

It’s true, your annual salary is an integral part of your compensation package – but there’s plenty more to negotiate too. Would you benefit from remote working, more training or a company gym membership? Employee benefits are one of the best ways to maintain a healthy, happy and productive workforce, so many Employers are becoming increasingly flexible on this front.

It’s really important to know your limits, as well as those times when you simply have to say no. Sure, throwing a company car into your compensation package may be enough to sway you, but flexible working options may not quite cut it. If you’re unsure, buy yourself a little more time to asking for some time to mull it over and agree to get back to the Employer in writing.

Remain professional

Timing is key when discussing salary expectations. Always wait for the Employer to bring up the subject first, and then focus on the facts rather than your feelings. It’s never going to be an easy conversation to have, but staying calm and reiterating what you’re looking for (and why you deserve it) will really work in your favour. Remember, you’re asking an Employer to invest in you and ultimately, you’ll need to carefully consider your case and convince them to alter their original offering. But, with plenty of preparation and the right attitude, you’re sure to be on the path to a successful negotiation.

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