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How recruitment agencies can support clients during difficult times

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Like many businesses up and down the UK, we know that many of our clients are feeling the immediate effects of the coronavirus. Whilst some may be able to continue working remotely with minimal disruption, others are having to make use of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and place members of staff on furlough. Conversely, some businesses may find themselves in a situation where they are growing rapidly and need to launch an immediate recruitment drive to help them.

Whatever the situation, we want to reiterate that at Allen Associates, we are very much open for business and ideally placed to help you navigate this difficult time. Our team can support you as you adjust to the changed landscape. Whether you’re looking for a short-term workforce to see you through, or you are continuing your long-term recruitment plans, we are here to help.

Access to a large number of highly-skilled candidates

When it comes to recruitment, one of the advantages of working with Allen Associates is our access to a large database of highly skilled candidates located throughout Oxford and London. With more than 20 years’ experience, our candidates trust in our abilities to find the perfect job match between their skills and our clients' needs. They know that we understand what their skills are, and how this relates to the workplace. They trust that we know how to put their career ambitions first, ensuring that we are finding the perfect job role for them.

Understanding what our clients are looking for

As specialist recruiters for HR, finance, marketing, and administrative roles, we have a unique understanding of what our clients are looking for. Our knowledge of each profession means that we can not only find the perfect candidate for your current job roles, but we can find those candidates with the capabilities and skills to work with you in the future, as your business develops and grows.

This understanding is more important than ever before. As remote hiring becomes commonplace, we know that you need to feel confident that you’re making the right decision, whether it’s for a permanent employee or a short-term resourcing solution.

We are working closely with our clients to help them understand what staffing they need; whether it’s a temporary worker to cover any self-isolation or staff sicknesses, or a project team to help you navigate new challenges. More than ever, recruitment should have that perfect blend of strategic input mixed with responsiveness and this is a challenge that our team is used to.

Taking a flexible approach to recruitment

A core part of our work at the moment is helping both clients and candidates to see the value in flexible recruitment practices. Many clients may have traditionally felt suited to permanent recruitment, but they are now starting to see the value in short-term contract work, with staff who can come in and hit the ground running. We are working with our clients to identify what resourcing they need, and our independent view means that we can help them to understand what recruitment strategy is best for them.

Similarly, we’re working closely with our candidates to help them understand the benefits of temporary and contract work. We are working to educate them on the many positives of short-term working contracts, notably the ability to work in new teams and gain new skills and expertise which could make them more employable in the future as workforces evolve.

Helping remote workers to settle into new teams

Finally, we understand that it’s hard to get to know new candidates and welcome them to the team when everyone is working remotely. Typical onboarding processes are changing rapidly, and it’s a huge challenge for HR teams. However, we are placed to ease this transition by working as a third-party liaison between both candidates and clients. We can work with candidates to help them understand the company ethos, their aims, and ambitions before their first day. We also work with clients to help them set expectations and understand how to make the most out of their new hire from that first moment.

The end result is a flexible yet effective recruitment approach that continues to provide exceptional services for both clients and candidates.

If you need immediate staffing solutions or your looking for strategic advice to future proof your recruitment plans, please get in touch.

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