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Results of the HR Hub Poll in July 2021

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Everyone who attended our Zoom HR Hub in July was asked to answer five multiple choice questions on hybrid working. The results provide an interesting snapshot of the challenges that employers, people managers and HR teams are facing. They may be helpful in terms of acting as forms of comparison, conversation starters and drivers of change. See what you make of the findings, set out below.

Our July HR Hub featured guest speakers Dave Morris and Rich Horton from Zentano who provided an insightful presentation on their Connected Leadership model and how 'habits' should be embedded and used to manage and motivate hybrid teams.

A short poll was conducted during the event and the results are set out below:

1. Which of the following challenges is the biggest issue in your team?

3%            Lack of trust & willingness to be vulnerable

30%           Conflict isn’t managed well

17%           Lack of collective commitment & buy-in

13%           Avoidance of collective accountability

37%           Lack of attention to team goals and results

2. Which of the following challenges are your remote team members most struggling with?

31%           Social isolation

25%           Zoom fatigue

9%             Time management & prioritising workload

6%             Too many distractions

22%           Managing well-being

6%             Getting the information they need

3. What is motivation focused on in your business?

19%           Reward and recognition

16%           Driving Key Performance Indicators

22%           Giving people autonomy

0%             Exploring new ideas

28%           Your business passion & purpose

16%           Providing opportunities for personal development

4. Which of the following employee engagement areas do you need to focus more on?

14%           Giving people a voice

24%           Fostering a sense of togetherness

3%             Making sure people’s work is sufficiently challenging

14%           Giving people the freedom to choose & make decisions

24%           Providing greater clarity of goals and purpose

7%             Giving more recognition

14%           Providing opportunities for personal development

5. Which type of goal setting do you need to pay more attention to with your team?

38%           Vision & purpose

24%           Quarterly priorities (ROCKS)

31%           Monthly goals

7%             Daily tasks

To get involved in future Zoom HR Hubs, please contact Kate Allen, Managing Director at Allen Associates.

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