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Results of the HR Hub Poll in August 2021

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Everyone who attended our Zoom HR Hub in August was asked to answer five multiple choice questions linked to transformation and talent acquisition. The results provide a useful benchmark against which to measure different organisations' approaches to culture transformation and agile hiring practices. Read the full Q&A below.

Our August HR Hub featured guest speaker Claire Holness, VP and Global Head of Talent Acquisition at one of the world's leading communications firms. Claire talked about culture transformation and the adoption of agile hiring practices, sharing insights and providing takeaways for hiring managers, recruiters and others involved in the people management function to apply within their own businesses.

A short poll was conducted during Allen Associates' Zoom HR Hub and the results are set out below:

1. What is your company’s approach to cultural transformation?

  • 40% - None, we have no plans
  • 20% - We have already transformed our culture before the pandemic
  • 40% - We are planning to transform our culture as we emerge from the pandemic

2. To what extent do you use design thinking?

  • 47% - Not at all
  • 40% - We are learning about design thinking and planning to embrace it
  • 20% - We have started on our journey, focussing on experience and moments that matter
  • 0% - We are expert design thinkers and apply it to everything we do in the people function

3. Do you embrace experimentation in your team?

  • 27% - We are not thinking about experimentation
  • 20% - We find it hard to experiment
  • 40% - We enjoy experimenting but it is not part of our ways of working
  • 13% - Experimentation is a fully embedded approach to how we change

4. Is agile methodology part of your way of working?

  • 47% - We do not use agile
  • 40% - We are starting to deploy agile in how we change
  • 13% - We are experts at using agile in change
  • 0% - We are not only using Agile in change management but we are also using agile in how we recruit

5. Do you segment your recruiting process?

  • 60% - We do not segment
  • 7% - We are moving towards segmentation
  • 33% - We segment part of our recruitment service
  • 0% - We fully segment how we deliver recruitment service

To get involved in future Zoom HR Hubs, as a guest speaker or as an attendee, please contact Kate Allen, Managing Director at Allen Associates.

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