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GDPR: The results of our HR Hub Poll in December 2021

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We asked the employers, people managers and HR professionals who attended our Zoom HR Hub in December 2021 to answer six multiple choice questions on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect in the UK in 2018. The poll results are thought-provoking and provide a benchmark against which to measure best practice.

One of the key takeaways from this poll is that almost half the respondents (44%) haven't carried out any refresher training in the GDPR since it was introduced into law in 2018 – and 71% are not confident or not sure if their GDPR policies reflect what actually happens in practice.

The full results of our HR poll are set out below:

1. Have you reviewed or audited your GDPR policies or procedures since 2018?

  • 69% - Yes
  • 31% - No

2. Did you provide training to all staff in or around 2018 on GDPR?

  • 85% - Yes
  • 15% - No

3. Have you provided any updates or refresher training since?

  • 56% - Yes
  • 44% - No

4. Do you feel confident that your GDPR policies reflect what happens in practice and that staff are aware of what the policies say?

  • 29% - Yes
  • 20% - No
  • 51% - I'm not sure

5. Has your business now returned to office-based working?

  • 11% - Yes, we are full-time in the office
  • 79% - Yes, we have hybrid working arrangements in place
  • 10% - No, working from home is continuing

6. Have you carried out any review of the arrangements in place with contractors, consultants and/or personal service companies from a status perspective (ref GDPR)?

  • 11% - Yes
  • 21% - No
  • 35% - Don't know
  • 11% - Not relevant

For further information about the GDPR or any other employment issue, please contact Kate Benefer, a partner in the Employment team at RWK Goodman in Oxford.

To get involved in future Zoom HR Hubs, as a guest speaker or as an attendee, please contact Kate Allen, Managing Director at Allen Associates.

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