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Employers still taking a cautious approach to Covid: The results of our HR Hub Poll in March 2022

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We asked the employers, people managers and HR professionals who attended our Zoom HR Hub in March 2022 to answer multiple choice questions on their organisation's approach to health and safety in the workplace now that Covid-19 restrictions in the UK have been lifted – as well as their approach to discrimination. The poll results provide an insight into what other organisations are doing and a benchmark against which to measure best practice.

The results of the poll carried out at our Zoom HR Hub are detailed below, reflecting the responses provided by 90 HR professionals, people managers and employers based in Oxfordshire and beyond.

Now that Covid restrictions have gone, what (if anything) are you doing in relation to Covid rules in the workplace?

  • 24% - Masks required
  • 32% - Social distancing
  • 62% - Extra cleaning/sanitisers
  • 34% - Testing required
  • 74% - Isolation required if positive

Has anyone cut or changed sick pay for staff who are unvaccinated and need to isolate?

  • 1% - Yes
  • 96% - No
  • 3% - We thought about it but didn’t actually implement anything

When did you last run any equality and diversity/discrimination training for staff?

  • 35% - Within last 6 months
  • 19% - Within the last 12 months
  • 25% - More than 12 months ago
  • 21% - Never

Are you comfortable you understand what is meant by associative discrimination?

  • 50% - Yes
  • 50% - No

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