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How engaged are your teams? The results of our HR Hub Poll in April 2022

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We asked the employers, people managers and HR professionals who attended our Zoom HR Hub in April 2022 to answer three multiple choice questions on staff engagement and motivation. These issues are of increasing importance to organisations as they grapple with recruitment and retention amid ongoing labour shortages and a new employment landscape. Find out what they had to say about staff engagement levels, prioritisation and expectations.

The results of the poll carried out at our Zoom HR Hub are detailed below, reflecting the responses provided by 56 HR professionals, people managers and employers, mainly from Oxfordshire-based organisations.

Overall, how engaged and motivated are your teams right now?

  • 5% - Very motivated with high levels of engagement
  • 73% - Pretty good overall but there is room for improvement in some areas
  • 21% - Not great and we have lots of work to do
  • 2% - Really poor and we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom

Have you got a board-level mandate and specific budget/resources to improve employee engagement and motivation in 2022?

  • 43% - Yes
  • 34% - No
  • 23% - I don’t know

What expectations has your organisation set for where people can work? 

  • 4% - We all work remotely
  • 39% - People can choose whether to work at our offices, remotely, or both
  • 55% - We have asked people to work in the office for a set number of days a week
  • 9% - We are back in the office five days a week and people are expected to come in to work

For further information and advice on any employee engagement and culture issues, please contact our guest speaker, Richard Roberts at enRich HR. You can find out more about this topic here.

To get involved in future Zoom HR Hubs, as a guest speaker or as an attendee, please contact Kate Allen, Managing Director at Allen Associates.

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