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Oxfordshire employers have been hit by the ‘Great Resignation’: The results of our HR Hub Poll in June 2022

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We asked the 80 employers, people managers and HR professionals who attended our Zoom HR Hub in June 2022 to answer multiple-choice questions on the ‘Great Resignation’ as well as their approach to ‘status’ and hybrid and flexible working. Their answers provide an insight into how Oxfordshire-based organisations are responding to these issues. They are detailed below.

The Great Resignation

Have you been ‘hit’ by the ‘Great Resignation’?

  • 49% - Yes
  • 43% - No
  • 8% - Don't know


In your organisation, do you use any of the following categories of people?

  • 38% - Workers
  • 74% - Contractors/consultants
  • 49% - Only employees

Have you reviewed the status of your staff in the last 12 months?

  • 45% - Yes, we've carried out an audit/reviewed arrangements
  • 25% - No
  • 30% - Don't know

Do all of your workers and employees have a contract setting out their terms and conditions?

  • 95% - Yes
  • 5% - No

Hybrid and flexible working

In relation to hybrid/flexible working, do you…

  • 8% - Have no hybrid working arrangements in place and require people to be in the office/workplace all of the time?
  • 17% - Have a formal policy with strict rules about expectations regarding location (e.g. minimum number of days)?
  • 43% - Have some guidelines but no formal policy?
  • 12% - Have nothing in place and just allow people to make their own decisions about where they wish to work?

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