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Employers reveal issues with staff taking confidential information - the results of our HR Hub poll in September 2023

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We asked the 186 Oxfordshire-based HR professionals and employers who attended Allen Associates’ HR Hub in September to answer a few multiple-choice questions as part of an Employment Law Update being delivered by lawyers from RWK Goodman in Oxford.

Read the results of our HR poll below and find out what they had to say about the introduction of AI, staff taking organisation’s confidential information, transfer of employee data abroad, redundancies and restructuring arising in recent months, and their recruitment plans for the remainder of the year.

Find out how your organisation compares.

HR poll results

1. Have you experienced issues with employees taking or using your organisation’s confidential information?
  • 50% Never
  • 49% Sometimes
  • 1% It happens a lot!
2. Has your organisation started using AI in any of its HR functions (e.g. recruitment)
  • 61% No
  • 12% I don’t know
  • 17% We are thinking about it
  • 8% We have just started using it
  • 2% We use it frequently
3. Do you transfer employee data outside of the UK?
  • 19% No idea - not my job to know
  • 53% Definitely not
  • 28% Yes
4. Have you seen redundancies and restructuring within your organisation (or those you work with) over the last few months?
  • 10% Yes, significant activity (affecting more than 20 people)
  • 14% Yes, some activity (affecting between 10 and 19 people)
  • 27% Yes, but limited activity (affecting between 1 and 9 people)
  • 27% Nope, nothing to speak of
  • 22% Not at all as we are activity growing and recruiting
5. Is your organisation planning to recruit for business support/services roles between now and the end of the year?
  • 11% Yes – temporary, interim or contract roles
  • 24% Yes – permanent roles
  • 22% Yes – both temporary and permanent roles
  • 15% Definitely not
  • 28% I don’t know

Further insights

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