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Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace - the results of our HR Hub poll in October 2023

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There is a growing appetite among Oxfordshire employers and HR professionals to better understand neurodiverse conditions and how to cater for them – but as our poll results show, there is still more work to be done.

Chartered FCIPD and neurodiversity specialist, Melanie Francis, ran a short online survey at Allen Associates HR Hub  in October as part of an engaging and highly informative presentation on neurodiversity. Mel explored what it is, how many of us exhibit neurodiverse traits, what this means for employers and how we can become more neuro-inclusive in our hiring and working practices.

View our poll results below and for more insights, read Mel’s blog on Fostering a neuro-inclusive culture for organisational success.

HR poll results

1. Do you have a clear understanding of what neurodiversity is?

Before the presentation:

  • 32% Yes
  • 14% No
  • 54% I think so

After the presentation:

  • 86% Yes
  • 1% No
  • 13% I think so
2. Is neurodiversity explicitly mentioned in your ED&I strategy?
  • 23% Yes
  • 27% No
  • 38% I'm not sure
  • 13% We don’t have an ED&I strategy
3. Has your organisation (or client) had an employee relations case relating to a neurodiverse condition?
  • 31% Yes
  • 39% No
  • 30% I'm not sure
4. Do you have trained neurodiversity champions within your organisation?
  • 7% Yes
  • 17% Not yet, but we’re planning to introduce them
  • 63% No
  • 13% I don't know

About our guest speaker, Melanie Francis

Melanie Francis, Chartered FCIPD, was a guest speaker at Allen Associates HR Hub in October 2023. Mel is the Founder of Neuroinclusive HR and the Director of Neurodiversity at Work at Professor Amanda Kirby’s company, Do-IT Solutions Ltd.

To speak to Mel, please email her at

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