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What changes to holiday pay mean for Oxfordshire employers – the results of our HR Hub poll in February 2024

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Changes to the Working Time Regulations introduced in early 2024 are vexing many HR professionals and employers who are trying to get to grips with the new holiday entitlements and holiday pay calculations for seasonal and irregular hours workers.

More than 200 HR decision-makers attended Allen Associates’ HR Hub to hear a detailed presentation by partner Kate Benefer and associate Adrian Henderson from the employment team at RWK Goodman in Oxford.

They contributed to the discussions by answering six multiple-choice questions on their staffing arrangements, policies and approach.

Their responses to our poll are set out below:

Our HR poll results

1. Is your company holiday year (choose one):
  • 63% A calendar year
  • 17% Tax year
  • 20% Other
2. Are any of your staff entitled to (tick all that apply):
  • 28% Commission
  • 66% Overtime pay
  • 54% Allowances
3. Do you have workers with irregular hours?
  • 65% Yes
  • 35% No
4. Is anyone planning to use rolled up holiday pay? (choose one)
  • 22% Yes
  • 28% No
  • 50% Don't know
5. Does anyone use rolled up holiday pay now?  (choose one)
  • 18% Yes
  • 82% No
6. Do you allow carry over of leave? (choose one)
  • 78% Yes but capped
  • 11% Yes but only if due to absence (eg sickness)
  • 11% No - use it or lose it

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For a detailed explanation of the issues, don’t miss this blog on the amendments to the Working Time Regulations and the reforms to holiday entitlement and the way holiday pay is calculated, which has been produced by our guest speakers Kate Benefer and Adrian Henderson from RWK Goodman.