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Find out where Oxfordshire employers are on their EVP journey: The results of our HR Hub poll in April 2024

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In the same way that organisations have long-since recognised the importance of building their client or customer-facing brand, many employers are committed to developing their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to enhance retention, engagement and productivity.

Allen Associates HR Hub featured a presentation by Andy Macdonald, Chief People Officer at IOP Publishing, on building a global EVP in a hybrid world.

Employers and HR professionals from across Oxfordshire who attended the webinar, also took part in a live poll to help us understand where they were on their EVP journey. They also told us why they think people join and stay with their organisation.

Their responses to the poll are set out below:

Our HR poll results

1. Thinking about your organisation’s approach to hybrid working, how often do you expect your people to work in the office?
  • 18% No expectations
  • 39% 1-2 times a week
  • 35% 3-4 times a week
  • 8% Every day
2. Where is your organisation on its EVP journey?
  • 28% Don't have one
  • 22% Thinking about one
  • 34% In development
  • 16% Have one
3. What do you think is the main reason colleagues join your organisation?
  • 15% Career growth and development
  • 61% Mission, purpose and values
  • 22% Ways of working (hybrid, remote, collaboration, teamwork)
  • 3% Reward and recognition
4. What do you think is the main reason colleagues stay with your organisation?
  • 29% Belonging to something special
  • 28% Purpose and meaning
  • 13% Recognition and appreciation
  • 30% Colleagues

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