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Consultant Connect

Enhanced Advice & Guidance for the NHS

Consultant Connect provides GPs, nurses and paramedics with access to instant advice and guidance from NHS specialists. Used by around a third of the NHS across a variety of specialities – from urgent care to mental health, Consultant Connect is arming thousands of professionals with the knowledge they need to make vital decisions.

Consultant Connect
Case Study

The Employer’s perspective

Scott Welpton, COO and CFO

The brief

COO and CFO Scott Welpton was looking for a Customer Success Lead to drive progress within the account management team, ensuring that clients receive a brilliantly responsive and, importantly – highly personalised - service. Consultant Connect needed an experienced individual with remarkable robustness to lead the charge! The successful candidate would be a fluent and inspiring communicator, consistently able to provide a high level of training and support.

The approach

This was a confidential role that could not be advertised externally, and so we tapped into our existing talent pool as the first port of call. At Allen Associates, we interview every candidate registered, in order to fully understand key strengths and motivations. This was the most senior role we’d sourced for Consultant Connect, despite placing 16 candidates previously.

The outcome

Armed with the knowledge that cultural fit was vital, we turned our attention to a brilliant candidate already on our radar – Lucy Sammons. Her impressive CV demonstrated a strong background in marketing and deft stakeholder management. Having already expressed her ambitions to focus on operations in her next role, we knew it was a fantastic opportunity for both parties. Since her appointment, we’ve received impressive feedback to communicate how well Lucy has settled into both the role and the company. We’ve since been asked to recruit another Account Manager for Consultant Connect and are proud to be contributing such wonderful individuals to their ever-expanding team.

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