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Outplacement Services

If your organisation has had to let people go, you will almost certainly want to help them to prepare for today’s highly competitive jobs market. Outplacement services and support can make all the difference.

Support for your redundant staff

Collaborating with Specialists

We have teamed up with SYLO | Beyond HR - an award-winning, Oxfordshire-based consultancy – to bring you a range of specialist Outplacement Services and Support.

With so many organisations now looking to restructure their workforces, more and more people are facing redundancy. Outplacement Services can make a real difference to employees who have lost their jobs as well as their employers who, in our experience, almost always want to do the right thing by the individuals affected while reassuring the rest of their workforce that they care.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement Services provide professional direction and guidance to employees leaving an organisation and who need support in understanding their options as well as practical advice on what to do or where to go next. Organisations that care deeply about their employer brand and invest in their people are often keen to support selected staff members as they transition back into the jobs market at this challenging time.

A Choice of Support Packages

SYLO | Beyond HR’s support packages incorporate a wide variety of activities which are delivered through bespoke, online sessions. They are tailored to suit each person’s individual needs and range from skills analysis, CV writing, interview preparation, confidence building and transition support to re-training, self-employment options and even retirement. One-to-one coaching is also available together with specialised assessment tools.

There are different packages available, depending on whether the requirement is for personal support, group support or to include a coaching and mentoring element.

Why invest in Outgoing Employees?

Even in the most challenging conditions, most organisations want to do their utmost to protect their brand reputation and demonstrate that they are socially responsible employers. By providing Outplacement support and services to affected employees, they are sending out a strong signal to the individuals as well as the rest of their workforce that they care about their people and are seen to be living their values.

Outplacement provides outgoing employees who may be at a particularly low ebb, with a positive focus and much-needed support during what is often a very difficult time.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about SYLO | Beyond HR’s flexible Outplacement Services and Support packages for individuals and groups, please contact our Managing Director, Kate Allen at

Read our press release for more on the launch of this new service.

Have you recently lost your job? Do you need support?

SYLO’s Outplacement Support Services can also be accessed by individuals and may be of interest to you personally. If you think you might benefit from one-to-one support from SYLO’s specialist team, please visit our information page for Candidates to find out more.

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